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December 4, 2012
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Two Days Too Late
Edward ElricxReader

"And why do you want to become a State Alchemist?" The emotionless voice spoke that one, lone question before leaving you in silence.

A smirk pulled at your lips and you crossed your legs easily on the three-legged stool. "Nearly a year ago, a kid named Edward Elric passed the test at age twelve. Well, I'm officially eleven years and ten months, and I plan on beating his record."

The man interviewing you leaned back in his chair and rested his chin on his clasped hands. "Thank you, that is all."

"No way!" your teacher called, "They want you to come back to show your skills?"

Laughing, you crossed your arms over your chest. "Don't act so surprised, you taught me, didn't you?"

She pulled you into a tight hug. "You know I'm just kidding, right?"

You pouted, "I doubt it."

"Hey," she leaned back a bit, "you might actually beat that Elric kid!"

The look on your face made her wince. It screamed 'you're a total idiot'. "Of course I'll beat him, I will not be second place to anyone." Your voice remained calm though your words were icy and held great determination.

"I will not lose."

"God damn it!" you screeched. Your mission had been taken on by the man called 'Fullmetal' and the two of you would have to work together. It had been six years since you beat the Alchemist's record for youngest to be accepted as a State Alchemist.

Your teacher fluttered about you and attempted to calm you down. "(F/n), honestly! He's a prodigy! He'll be a big help on this upcoming mission!" Her voice was loud and whining. It bothered you.

So you walked away, boarded the train. "Whatever," you sighed as you waved a hand absently in the air, baggage in the other hand.

You took a random seat, not bothering to look for your partner. Bags stored above you, your propped your back against the train wall and stretched your feet over your bench, leaving no room for anyone to sit next to you in the case of a full train.

Unfortunately, the seat across from you was left open for a man clad in heavy armor to sit.

"You're (F/n) (L/n), correct?"

The voice was childish, alerting you that it was who you thought it was. Thankfully his brother didn't show up next to him.

Without looking at the boy, you answered with a single word, "Yep."

Still not taking a seat, he asked you another question, "Is this your first time to the desert?"

"Mhm," you mumbled.

A loud laugh sounded from behind you and you shifted your gaze to see a blonde boy with golden eyes leaning over you from the seat at your back.

You raised an eyebrow at him and he continued smugly, "You're two years too late."

"What?" Your voice sounded as if you wondered if the boy was drunk.

His proud little grin never faded, "You heard me. Two years. I was here two years ago, therefore beating you."

Shifting, you attempted to get in a comfortable enough position to sleep. "Good for you," you murmured, finally finding a suitable position.

He grinned down at you, "You're just jealous you can't top that."

Shutting your (e/c) eyes you smirked, "Whatever you say, midget."

His expression turned dark, not that you could see, but you could hear Alphonse holding back the not-quite-so-small man and the angry protests of said man. "Who you calling so small you could crush with your boot?! I've grown a lot since I became State Alchemist and-"

The rant kept going on. Calmly, Alphonse tried to silence his older brother. "Brother, please, she didn't say anything like that." The younger brother continued to hold back the elder until all was silent. You opened a single eye and peered up at the panting and red-faced Edward Elric. With a smile you shifted upwards and leaned against the cool glass of the train window.

Shutting your eyes again, you tried to get to sleep.

This was going to be a long train ride.

I wanted to post it! Sue me!
... I wrote a James Bond reader around two months ago... Would any of you be interested if I posted it?
Good morning from the west coast!
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