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March 24, 2013
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Truth Be Told
Request for TaylorSwift7-13

“Let’s play the ‘Which One is Hikaru? Game’!” you heard the two twins of the Ouran High Host Club shout in unison. You sighed, shrinking a bit in your chair. Kyoya was quietly writing in his notebook from his seat across the table from you. He looked up from the book, grey eyes staring at you from over his wire-rimmed glasses.

A false smile pressed over his thin lips. “I’m sorry, Miss (F/n), am I boring you?”

Your own masking smile covered your face. “You know that’s not why I sit at your table, Kyoya.” Glancing back down at your own book in your lap, you tried to ignore the noise coming from Hikaru and Kaoru’s table.

Another poor girl guessed at the identities of the twins. “Aw, wrong again,” you heard the twins chime in unison.

“Well of course I got it wrong,” the girl giggled, “You two are identical twins!”

Whichever twin it was who parted his hair on the right side of his face smirked at the girls. “Yeah, but what’s the point of being twins if we can’t use it to get close to cute girls like you?”

The girls surrounding him twittered like idiot birds, but you only groaned as you saw the act begin once more.

“Be Hikaru,” Kaoru muttered, his golden eyes glittering with false tears, “aren’t I cute enough for you?”

Making a face at the ‘brotherly love’ act, you stubbornly jutted your chin back down so that that your entire vision was filled by the black printed words on the book page. Just as you were starting to get back into the story, you felt a presence on either side of you. Heaving another sigh, you continued to read. “Don’t you two have guests to attend to?”

“Nope!” one of them, you wanted to guess Hikaru, chirped as he snaked his arm over your shoulder, “They’ve all left.”

You glanced up from your book. “And why would they do that? You two were just starting to go against all rules of society.”

Kaoru slung his arm across your shoulders, following his brother’s lead. “Come on, (F/n), don’t be like that,” he pouted playfully.

“Don’t be like what?” your voice was flat as you stared down at the book in your hands, blocking out the nervous flips your stomach was currently doing in response to the contact of the Hitachiin twins.

Practically able to hear the smirk in their voices, your ears rang as they responded in unison. “Jealous.”

Ducking away from their extended arms, you furrowed your brows with a dark blush spreading across your cheeks. “J-jealous?” you scoffed, “Jealous of what, exactly?” You stepped back as they stepped forward, chasing you backwards with carefully synched footsteps.

“Why do you come to the host club?” Kaoru asked you with one step closer.

Hikaru mirrored him, “Because we know you’re not here to see Kyoya.”

The blush darkened on your cheeks. “Says who?” you attempted to defend yourself.

“Says us,” they responded once more in unison.

You felt your back bump up against a wall and froze, hunching your shoulders up as the devil twins stepped closer. Their footsteps were even and slow, as if they knew you had no chance of escape. Like a cornered mouse watching as it’s hunters crept forward on silent feet, you tried to strengthen your inner defences.

Unlike a mouse, however, you didn’t shake and cower.

Biting your lip, you stood with little emotion showing on your face as the two smirking twins approached you. The moment they got a bit too close, you smirked back. “Well of course you guys are right, I don’t come here for Kyoya.”

They grinned, but those smiles fell when you stepped right between them. “I come to do my homework.”

For :icontaylorswift7-13:
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