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November 23, 2012
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Take a Breath
Prize for MissKiddoChan

Everything felt heavy. You were sick of it. Sick of your boyfriend's terrible personality, hot temper, and tendency to care more about his brother than you. Sure, it's his brother, but every time the slightly ditzier brother goes out with his boyfriend he didn't have to throw a fit and try to convince his brother not to go. It pissed you off. Everything about him pissed you off.

His face, his house, his accent. The fact that he always smelt like tomatoes. You were done with it all. And today would be the day you told him you were done.

When Lovino walked through the door, he was already in a bad mood. Something your Spanish neighbor had done, probably. But you didn't care.

You stormed past him through the front door, dragging one of your suitcases out with you. The Italian man froze where he stood, but didn't do anything to stop you as you stormed back through the door, grabbing another two bags and throwing them in the backseat of your car. You walked around to the driver's seat and started the car, making brief eye contact with Lovino before turning around to back out of the drive.

He did nothing the whole time you watched him from your rearview mirror. Though, you didn't see everything due to the tears spilling from your (e/c) eyes.

You drove all the way to the train station, but you didn't bring your bags with you. You left them in your locked car and bought a train ticket to the beach.

The train ride was a blur. People passed by you at each stop, glancing once at your stoic face then walking to their destination.

Reaching the final stop, you numbly climbed out, blinky blindly at the bright sunset of the coast. With a sad smile, you rolled up your pant legs and tugged off your shoes and walked down to the water's edge, watching the waves lap gently at your bare feet. Slowly, you walked the coast until long after the sun had sunk over the horizon, just barely catching the final train.

Your eyes were watery, but you blinked away your tears and pulled your shoes back on in the comfort of your seat.

When you made it back to the train station, you didn't feel the need to cry anymore. But you didn't feel like you could do much else, either. Like a robot; you were completely numb to the world around you and emotionless. That is, until you made it back to your car.

A red faced Vargas brother was leaning against your car, tears in his amber eyes and a scowl on his face.

Biting your lip, you kept walking. He saw you and his head jerked up, relief flooding his face. Stumbling slightly, he approached you, looking like he was about to pull you into a tight hug, but he dropped his arms when he noticed the expression you wore.

He stood in front of you and you stopped, looking straight forward as he stared down at you, begging for a reaction. Which you didn't give. You brushed past him, ignoring the tears falling from his warm eyes and the way he shouted at you for a second chance.

But he didn't understand. Neither did you, when you felt the sharp pang in your chest when you drove away again.

You did understand that you suddenly felt all the emotions of the day crush you. Sighing, you pulled over and waited for the torrent of confusion, anger, and guilt to pass. Tears streamed down your stiff face and you felt yourself longing to drive as fast as you could to the house you shared with Lovino, where he'd be waiting for you with open arms. You resisted the urge and picked up the phone you had tossed in your glovebox the whole day.

The screen lit with alerts for missed calls, voicemails, and text messages.

Wearily, you scanned over who they were from. Tony, Feliciano, Ludwig, Elizabeta.


He had sent you the most. But you ignored all of the notifications except for the messages from one. And even then, you didn't bother to actually read them, just respond.

'Can I come over?'

Her answer was fast. 'Bed's already made. Hurry or you'll miss dinner.'

You felt a small smile tug at the corners of your mouth. You knew she had already eaten, her loving husband always had dinner with her at 6 o'clock every night before he'd go into his office and work until he came in for bed.

But still, you pulled up to the elegant house and knocked lightly on the door, not wanting to wake anybody.

Liz threw open the door and quickly drew you up in her arms, causing you to break down in desperate wails once more. You spoke for the first time since buying your train ticket and told her about everything.

She pat down your (h/l) (h/c) hair and rubbed your back, guiding you back into the house and pulling the door closed behind you.

Still sniffling, Liz smiled at you and released you, only to grab your hand and lead you into the kitchen. She sat you down in one of the stools surrounding the marble island in the middle of the large room and tugged open the freezer door, pulling out an unopened container of ice cream.

With a sad smile, you watched with hazed over eyes as she pulled out two spoons and placed them in front of you, reaching over to grab a half-empty bottle of wine from dinner and pouring it into glasses for both of you.

Chuckling dryly to yourself, you took a long sip of the sweet white wine, then turned back to the dessert that Liz was already opening.

You smiled more brightly when she struggled with the packaging, grumbling to herself as she resorted to using her teeth to rip off the plastic wrapping.

After a bit of struggling, she finally managed to open the tub of ice cream and the two of you ate in silence until your back began to hurt from the stools. So, half asleep, the two of you took the ice cream and your still mostly full glasses of wine, and stumbled into the living room.

Liz threw a heavy blanket at you and you gladly wrapped it around your waist, tucking it under your legs that were propped up on the coffee table. The tub of ice cream was pushed between two sets of feet, wine glasses on the edge of the table. Liz leaned heavily on your shoulder and turned on the TV, volume just low enough for your to hear the murmur of voices as the two of you fell asleep, hands clutched tightly on your lap.

The next morning, your face was stiff from tears and your head ached from your cries.You propped yourself up, Liz had left you, and looked around.

The first real thing your groggy brain processed was the melted ice cream sitting on the table and the condensed water leaving a mark on the dark wood. Briefly, your mind touched on how mad Roderich would be when he saw that, but you were distracted by the hushed voices arguing in the hall just outside the living room. Peering over the back of the couch, you saw Liz standing defensively in front of the archway that led into the room you sat in. Roderich was standing with her, one hand resting on her shoulder, almost holding her back. He seemed much calmer in comparison to his wife, but there were still hints of anger in his violet eyes.

You couldn't see who they were talking to, but it sounded like Feliciano. Standing up, you crept over to the hall to confirm your suspicions. Elizabeta's green eyes flashed to you and looked sympathetic before Feli crashed into you, wrapping you in a tight hug. There were tears in his eyes when he pulled back, and softly told you something about his brother.

Liz pulled you back up against her chest and started shouting at the cowering Italian again. Though, the shouts were merely sounds to you, like the quiet hum of the TV last night. The tears started flowing down Feliciano's face again, but there was nothing you could do about it. It was like you were watching a movie and you were powerless to do more than observe. Another hand touched your shoulder. It was Roderich.

He looked calmly at the situation and said something to Liz, causing her grip on your to tighten before she released you.

Confused, you simply followed lead as Feli now took your hand, rushing you out the door to his car. You figured you knew where you were going.

Pulling up your drive, he smiled softly at you and whispered something, planting a kiss on your cheek. You fumbled with the door handle and eventually made your way out of the car, watching the Italian back out of the drive like you had the day before.

Numb again, you walked up to your door, pulling out your house key from your pocket. You didn't hear it jangle as you stuck the key in it's lock, nor the click of the lock turning. But when you opened the door and saw Lovino sitting on the couch, looking like he had just lost everything in the world, you ears seemed to pop, and the silence seemed suddenly loud as you realized you missed everything about him.

His face, his house, his accent. The way he always smelt like tomatoes.You missed it all. And today was going to be able to fix your worst mistake.

Lovino turned at the sound of your footsteps, bloodshot amber eyes widening when they saw you.

"(F-f/n)," he choked out your name, rushing at you before you could walk away again. Strong arms wrapped tightly around you, squeezing you so you could hardly breath and arching you backwards, but you didn't ask him to let you. Hesitantly, you rested your hands on his shoulders, holding yourself up against gravity that suddenly seemed much lighter.

He whispered something in your (h/l) (h/c) hair, something that sounded like an apology, but you ignored it. Pulling back slightly, Lovi peppered your face with firm kisses, making sure you were really there before he pulled away again. Fond, sad, regretful eyes stared down at you as he wiped away a tear you didn't even know had fallen. With a smile, he gently kissed your lips, lifting you in the air by your hips and holding you there, easily supporting your weight on his own.

Soft smiles on your faces, you pressed your forehead to his and he slowly lowered you.

"Ti amo, (F/n). Ti amo," his eyes squeezed shut against  the tears that threatened to spill. "Never leave me alone again. Ti amo." He kept repeating the phrase.

You held his face in both of your hands, letting your tears of joy fall from your cheeks for him to see when he opened your eyes, and kissed his lips again. "Ti amo, anche, you idiot. Just never give me a reason to go."

Thank you, my very first watcher, for always being there for me and giving me feedback. I hope you like this!
So, this is what my first watcher, :iconmisskiddochan:, asked for when I told her I wanted to do something special for her! To be more specific, she said a really long one-shot (check) with Romano (check) and angst (double check) featuring a tomato (half-assed check). So here you go. This this is nearly 2,000 freaking words. Boom.
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