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September 1, 2012
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Sitzen, Schütteln, Bitte
Request for A-Lovely-Anxiety


"Shit," you mumbled to yourself as you tried to untangle from your German shepherd puppy's black leash along with the leashes of three other dogs, another shepherd, a retriever, and a doberman, that had approached. "Come on, Padfoot," you pleaded to your large dog, "Give me a break!"

As if things couldn't get any worse, the moment you'd been dreading approached and crashed over you like a wave just as you heard a strange laugh that sounded like "Kesesesese." A grunt of pain interrupted the laughter and you heard that same voice complaining to someone he called "West."

"Sie brauchen Hilfe?" a gruff German voice asked from behind you. Or, at least, you assumed he had asked by his tone, you were pretty awful in German despite your current location.

Craning your head back, you caught sight of a tall German man with slicked back blonde hair and icy blue eyes. Far behind him was a pale albino man who was clutching his head in pain and glaring at the man before you. The man gestured towards you and repeated his question. The last word ran through your head. You knew you knew it. It was... It was help! He was asking if you needed help. "J-ja. Bi-bitte," you stuttered through your limited German as the man looked over to Padfoot.

"Hunds! Sitzen!" he commanded the dogs and, whatever he said, you assumed it worked because a second later your hyper dog was sitting along with the other three.. The man reached over and unhooked the leash from your dog's collar, making you panic for a split second as the man approached you again and started to unravel you. Surprisingly, Padfoot never even fidgeted, let alone try to run. He unclipped the leashes from the other three dog's collars also, but said something else to them in German and they walked over to the albino.

You tried to take the ends of the leashes from the man but he just left three on the ground and worked on one at a time, "Nein," he told you softly, "You are American, ja? Just hold still," he said in his thickly accented voice.

"A-alright." God! Why did you keep stuttering around this man? He was very handsome, but you didn't even know the guy. Oh well, at least he spoke English.

Managing to unravel the golden retriever's red leash from around your calves and thighs, he was able create enough slack to unhook Padfoot's leash from your arm that was twisted uncomfortably above your head from when your puppy ran behind you. He slowly and silently unwrapped the rest of the leashes from your legs and hips. You had goosebumps on your skin everywhere his hand gently brushed while he was working. He seemed totally focused with his work, but you were blushing like a ripe tomato. Finally tugging the last leash from your ankles, he rose and handed you Padfoot's leash.


"Sorry you had to help me," you managed to say without stuttering, though your head lowered in shame.

The man shook his head and looked at you, his blue eyes piercing you straight to the head, "Nein. It's not your fault. Meine idiot Bruder saw you struggling with your dog and, instead of helping you, allowed our dogs to make the situation worse.

Your mouth opened into a small 'o' and your (e/c) eyes widened slightly. "Ah, so that's where the other dogs came from," you laughed and bent over to replace the leash on your dog's neck. You heard a low whistle as you rose again and turned to see the albino staring at your ass. He backed off, though, when he saw the combined glares of you and his brother.

"Gott, West. Das Mädchen ist fast so beängstigend wie Sie," he chuckled nervously before sitting down at a bench, paying attention to his three dogs.

Your forehead wrinkled in confusion, "Um. What did he say?" The albino had talked to fast for you to even make out a single word.

The man glanced down at you before blushing and looking away, "Nothing important."

"Oh," you said quietly and looked down at your feet again. A second later you could feel the man's eyes examining you quietly. He sighed, as though he just reached a decision on a very important inner battle.

He cleared his throat and you looked up at him. "It looks like you don't really know your way around," he started. You laughed nervously for a second and he chuckled with you before continuing, "And you clearly struggle with your German." At this you stuck your tongue out at the man before blushing and turning away from the handsome smirk on his face. "So," he attempted to finish his thought, "Why don't you come with me to my house? My brother can watch the dogs and I can show you around Hamburg."

You brightened at the idea of spending more time with the handsome man, "OK! That sounds great!" Pausing, you thought for a moment, "Ah! I'm (F/n) (L/n)! Pleased to meet you..."

You trailed off, hoping to catch the blonde's name. "Ludwig. Ludwig Beilschmidt." He reached his hand out to shake yours. His grip was firm, but gentle, "It's very nice to meet you too."

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Time Skip of a Few Hours ~~~~~~~~~~~~






You took a deep breath of air and faced the chuckling German again, hands on your hips. "Ludwig give me the damn chocolate bar!"

He laughed again, a real laugh. It was deep and rumbling. "Nein, (F/n). We made a deal."

Crossing your arms you pouted. "Fine." You racked your mind for the words you were looking for. "Uh," you stuttered, "Können- können ich... Können ich bitte ha-haben die. Die... Gah! Just give me the damn candy!" Chocolate was not one of the words taught in high school German.

"Oh come on, (F/n)! You were so close!" He dangled the candy bar over your head, lifting it just out of your reach every time you made a grab for it.

You leapt for the chocolate as Ludwig resorted to holding it high above his own head. "I don't know how to say "chocolate"! So stop cheating!"

He grinned and pushed you back a bit, "How am I cheating? You're the one trying to get away with not following the rules."

Clearly your jumping method wasn't working, so you tackled him to the ground, lifting your arm to snatch the chocolate from his hand. You were laying face-to-face on the soft grass of the park you were at. Scratch that, Ludwig was laying on the grass, you were laying on Ludwig.

His blue eyes widened and a deep blush covered his cheeks, making the soft pink that dusted your own face look pale in comparison.

You smirked and took a bit out of the candy bar, not bothering to get off of the man who you'd become so close to in such a short time. Looking back down at him from the corner of your eye, you saw him quickly pop his head up and kiss your cheek. Now your face matched his.

While you were still in your stupor, he grinned and took the chocolate back, wolfing the rest of it down in one large bite.

Gasping, you re-focused on the situation. "You ate my chocolate!"

"You cheated," he said simply, trying to hold in a growing grin.

You were pissed, "You bastard! You ate my flipping chocolate," your lower lip pushed out in a pout, "I worked very hard to get that from you."

He smirked again and leaned close. "Then let me share," he said before smashing his lips against yours in a kiss.

You could still taste the chocolate on his lips when he pulled away, breathless. You rested your head on his strong chest and heard the word "Schokolade" leave Ludwig's lips.

"What?" you asked, tilting your head up to see his small smile.

"Schokolade. I took your Schokolade."

Chuckling a bit, you lifted your head up and pecked his lips, "Yes you did, you bastard. But I took it back.

For :icona-lovely-anxiety:
Told you so.
:iconsexygermany3plz: :iconsaysplz: Sie brauchen Hilfe?- Do you need help?
Ja. Bitte.- Yes. Please.
Hunds! Sitzen!- Dogs! Sit!
Nein.- No.
Gott, West. Das Mädchen ist fast so beängstigend wie Sie.- God, West. That girl is almost as scary as you.
Können ich bitte haben die Schokolade?- Can I please have the chocolate?
:iconvengefulamber: :iconsaysplz: I own nothing! Well... I own things.. Just not these things... Like Luddy. Or Gil. Or you. BUT I DO OWN A GERMAN SHEPHERD! Not named Padfoot, though. *Sniff*
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anakind87 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
I laughed at the part where she tried to jump and get her chocolate back - and he kept raising it higher from her (I had that happen plenty a time in my life - and it's rather funny) in a playful manner, making her beg for it in German - and after what appeared to be so many attempts to get it back, she just tackled him to the ground:D As if she was saying "To hell with it, I'll just tackle him - easy."
And Ludwig can be soo funny at times.:)
How 'bout that? I'd like to have myself someone who's really sweet, diligent, loyal, and of course funny.:) I gotta have a guy in my life who can make me laugh.:)
vengefulamber Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
anakind87 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
Me too - you should type up more stories like this from Hetalia.:) My favorites were always the Beilschmidt brothers:)
vengefulamber Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I do have quite a few stories for those two.
anakind87 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
Goodie! Please get on with those two - I'm already getting anxious:D
vengefulamber Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Keep an eye out for them, ok? I keep all my posts on a schedule, but I think I have a Gilbert one in the next couple of weeks.
anakind87 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
I like you already, man:):) I like anyone who can write a good story - detailed, full of intense emotions - and such:) I sure will - and not to worry - I won't be around for the next 3 weeks(on vacation from dear ol' Texas - San Antonio - to Canada!:) I leave tomorrow in the evening.) 

Until then, keep up the awesome work:) Don't let the writer's block get to you:);)
vengefulamber Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much! 

I love receiving thoughtful comments like this! I hope you know how much it means to see this after getting home late!
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AmarindaCrosstin Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
vengefulamber Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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