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September 9, 2012
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Only While I Sleep
Request for The-lemonator

You woke up feeling empty again. Your dream had been of the man of your dreams again. The guy who sat across from you in science class. You had been moved to his table when a new student came in and the teacher wanted them near the front of the room. So, you were moved to the back. At your table was Yao Wang, Francis Bonnefoy, and Alfred Jones. They had all known each other since they were kids.

Yao sat across from you and next to Alfred, while you were placed next to Francis. You would've killed to switch with Al, partially because of the amazing man who was his lab partner, and partially because of the rapist who was your's.

Shaking your head clear of the pleasant dream you'd just had of Yao, you remembered back to your first day sitting at that table. Every little detail was burned into your brain, from Al's raucous laugh, to Francis's attempts at groping you, to the small, almost apologetic smile on Yao's face.

Sighing, you tried to push all thoughts about the handsome Chinese man away. He was from a different, cooler crowd then you. But everything about him distracted you and your thoughts drifted back to him as you got ready for another grueling day at school that would end with the relief that was science.

The the way his warm amber color held deep happiness whenever he smiled, or furrowed confusion during a particularly difficult lab, or an adorable little smile when the teacher said something that could be considered slightly funny.

His long, dark brown hair looked as soft as silk and you would've given anything to run your fingers through it. He always had it tied back in a neat little ponytail that hung low on his neck, pulling the fine strands away from his pale skin.

You glanced in the mirror. Long, twig-ish legs stuck out awkwardly from denim shorts, (h/l) (h/c) hair had a coarse texture, and (e/c) eyes stared out dully from your (s/t) face. You sighed again. There was no way in the world that Yao would even look at you.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip to Science!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As you walked into the freezing classroom you noticed two microscopes at every table.

'Oh great. All the more reasons for Francey-pants to be near me,' you thought sarcastically as you walked over to your table. The guys were already there. You pulled your binder and (f/c) pencil pouch. Walking around the table, you leaned over and placed your backpack in the cabinet you were assigned to and missed the three pairs of eyes staring appreciatively at your backside. When you straightened, you walked back over to your seat and plopped down, crossing your legs and resting your hands in your lap.

After your teacher collected everyone's homework, he told the class to read the lab handouts on your tables. You tried to ignore the three laughing boys and their less-than-appealing antics as you hunched over the blue paper in front of you.

'Like Hell if I'm working with that stupid Frenchy,' you thought to yourself as you pulled a microscope closer to you. Needless, to say, you began the experiment without them.

When you were nearly halfway done, you heard the Chinese boy in front of you hit his head on the table. You raised your eyes to look at him and he complained to everyone at the table but you.

"I forgot a pencil," he grumbled to himself.

You looked up at him for a moment before handing him one of your pencils. "Here," you told him, trying to keep a blank expression.

He took it from your hand, his fingers brushing softly against your skin as he did so. Murmuring his thanks, you stiffly nodded and got back to work.

"Mademoiselle, I too forgot a pencil. Could I-" you cut off the Frenchman as he reached for your pencil pouch.

You pushed him away, "That's your problem." Not bothering to look up, you heard Francis gasp as Alfred laughed loudly at your rejection before he threw a pencil at the quietly sobbing Frenchman, hitting him in the temple before out bounced elsewhere.

Yao chuckled quietly at the whimpering idiot sitting next to you, causing a small smile to grace your face.

"Oh my God it's the end of the world!" Alfred shouted in one breath, pointing at you.

You raised a thin eyebrow, "What the Hell is wrong with you know?" you asked him with the smile wiped off of your face, completely unamused by the loud American's annoying outburst.

Francis returned to his seat after picking up the pencil. His reaction was similar to Alfred's. "Mon dieu!" he exclaimed, also pointing at you, "(F/n)'s smiling!"

Sighing for the millionth time in the past couple of minutes, you returned to your work, quickly finishing up the lab. You turned the paperwork into your teacher, who didn't ask any questions as to why your partner's work wasn't with you, and grabbed your book out of your bag before sitting down again.

"(F/n)~" you heard Yao call from across the table, "Could you help me with step 5?"

You were silently squealing on the inside, but you had to keep a cool impression, so, keeping a thumb in your book to hold your spot, you leaned across the table to see his problem. It was the step on focusing your microscope on one hook oh a tapeworm's 'head'. You looked back up the guy staring at you, "So? What do you want me to do about it?"

He grabbed one of your hands in both of his, making your face heat up in the process, and dragged you out of your seat and over between him and a puzzled looking Alfred. You glanced at the two of them, pushing you (h/c) hair out of your face, "Neither of you two can figure this out?"

"Nope!" Yao grinned at you, "So you have to!"

'Only for Yao,' you thought to yourself before leaning down to peer through the eyepiece of the microscope. Meanwhile, Alfred and Yao leaned back and 'casually' 'glanced' at your ass; again, and Francis mouthed things such as 'Not fair,' or 'Cheaters,' to the distracted men across from him. Of course, you were distracted with trying to fix whatever stupid mistake the two idiots on either side of you had made. It took a good five minutes to find a hook, then even longer to focus on it. Once everything was situated, you straightened out and the two boys looked away, one slower than the other. Slow enough for you to catch.

Your face reddened, "Yao," you said warily, "What were you just looking at?"

He smirked up at you, completely shameless, "I was simply admiring the excellent view I had provided by you." His grin grew, "In other words, your ass."

You were practically glowing by now, and you faintly heard Yao's shout of, "You're so cute!" before you walked back over to your chair and stuck your nose in your book until the bell rang.

Once it did, however, you still weren't safe. As you were packing your bag, you felt two arms wrap around your waist. You almost melted into a happy puddle when you saw the red sleeves of Yao's sweater before remembering that you were at school and people were watching.

"What the Hell do you think you're doing!?" You shouted at him, tugging out of his grip.

He avoided your question, firing another right back out at you. "Are you free later today?" He asked, sounding slightly panicked.

You narrowed your eyes at him, "No," you said slowly.

"Oh that's great," he sighed, "I was wondering," he trailed off, "Well, I- I have a soccer game today and I was hoping you could- I mean if you want to- if you'd like to-" rambling off for a moment, you gathered what he was implying and you froze. Your wildest dreams were coming true and you just froze?!

The Chinese man rubbed the back of his head, "Aiya," he muttered to himself before directing his words back to you, "Look," he said, sternly, "I like you. But you don't seem to like me back. I was hoping that you'd see me play and you'd be super impressed and say yes when I asked you to dinner afterwards but," he seemed to lose his confidence again, "You don't have to if you don't want to."

Glancing at him, his handsome face tilted down to his feet and his amber eyes saddened, there was no way you could refuse him, "Of course I'll go."

His head shot up, ponytail whipping up and back down with the momentum, "Really?" You nodded. He lifted you up in a giant hug so that your pointed toes were barely touching the ground and swung you quickly back and forth, resulting in you losing your balance and clinging to him to stay upright. When he stopped swinging, he refused to let go, instead grabbing your bag and walking backwards, with you tripping over his feet, out the door of the classroom.

"You're going to make me regret this, aren't you?" you asked the guy of your dreams as he held you close.

He laughed and looked back, trying to avoid passing students, "Of course! If I didn't you'd be disappointed!"

You held him tighter, making his smile grow more, "As long as I'm the only one," you murmured before Yao toppled over into a small grassy hill by the lunch area.

Neither of you bothered to get up until Alfred and Francis came by and disrupted your moment of peace.


Only While I Sleep (ChinaxReader)by vengefulamber

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2012-2014 vengefulamber
So... This is for :iconthe-lemonator:
I feel like I wrote China OOC. I'm sorry. :iconshameplz:
Bu-but, it's CUTE and-and FLUFFY and.. Not really what you asked for. :iconfaceeverythingplz: I'm sorry.
I-I'm just gonna go hide in my corner now.
I own nothing but the plotline.
EDIT: :iconbuzzeverywhereplz: Typos. Typos everywhere.
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IGame101 Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He smirked up at you, completely shameless, "I was simply admiring the excellent view I had provided by you." His grin grew, "In other words, your ass."

vengefulamber Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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