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June 28, 2013
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One Equals One
Commissioned by EnelyaWolfwood

“Alright,” you snapped, “Who did it?”

Black Star looked up from where he and Soul were talking. “Who did what, (F/n)?”

You glowered at his false innocence. “You know what,” you growled, jaw clenched. Tsubaki had now stood from where she had been listening to the rest of the girl chatter, nervous about the noise surrounding her meister. You heard Soul snicker from behind the blue-haired boy. “You too, mister!”

That smirk now on his face, Soul laughed a bit at you, “I have know idea what you’re talking about.”

“Oh really now?” you told him, emphasising every syllable.


A gentle hand touched your shoulder, the black-haired weapon who seemed to tolerate Black Star well enough. “(F/n)? What’s wrong?”

You groaned, wheeling around to answer her question. “Well someone,” you shot a glare behind you, causing the two giggling students to silence themselves, “stole something of mine!”

Now Maka stood, her heavy book seeming all too comfortable in her hand. “What’d they take?”

Face turning bright red, you heard Soul and Black Star laughing again. You murmured something incoherent to the rest of the group. Black Star appeared at your side, urging you to repeat yourself. Your hand flew back, smacking in him the gut and causing him to double over and sputter.

“Alright,” Soul said, sauntering to your side and placing a hand between your shoulder blades. You tensed, pulling your jacket tighter over your chest. Clearing your throat, you shot him a glare, which did nothing to wipe the teasing grin off of his face. “Maybe I should tell them.”

Maka glared, “Does that mean you took it?”

His grin widened, “We both did.”

“Worth it,” Black Star grunted from his position on the ground.

“What did you take?”

Soul’s hand shifted, holding you tightly around the waist so that you couldn’t move, not even your arms. You held your breath as his other hand reached for the zipper of your jacket. “Soul,” you warned, voice low as his hand hung onto the little piece of metal.

“We took her bras!” he shouted, unzipping the jacket low enough for it to become very obvious that there was nothing under your shirt.

“Soul!” you shouted, pulling your jacket even tighter around your body as he took off running. The rest of the girls followed him and Black Star, but you stayed where you were, grumbling and stomping back off to your apartment.

It wasn’t hard to imagine Black Star pulling a stunt like that, but Soul shocked you a bit. Shaking it off you continued your walk.

Suddenly there was a person just behind you. “Hey,” Soul whispered.

“Oh my God!” you shouted, clamping your hands over your mouth, “Soul! You scared me.”

“Sorry,” he grinned, standing in front of you and further stopping your progression home. “Just thought you’d like to know how to get your bras back.”

All expression dropped from your face, yet your eyes stayed wary. “How?”

His sharp toothed grin grew. “It’s nothing difficult, just one little thing.”

“Then just tell me!”

He held his hands up. “Alright, alright. All you have to do,” he tapped a finger to his cheek, “is give me a kiss.”

Your cheeks heated up again, “What?” you asked, disbelieving.

“A kiss,” he told you, voice remaining cool and low, despite what he was saying. “Just on my cheek. Not that tough.”

Flustered, you attempted to reason with the teen. “But, why?”

Shrugging, Soul smirked at you. “Why not?”

“Fine,” you pouted, “But don’t try anything stupid.”


Blushing furiously, you stood up on your tip toes, reaching Soul’s tanned cheek. Quickly, you pecked the skin with your lips. Soul seemed satisfied enough with the kiss, turning away from you and walking confidently down the road.

Taking only a moment’s hesitation, you chased after him. “Wait! Soul!” He stopped, looking back at you. “What about my bras?” you hissed under your breath, not wanting anyone to hear.

“Well,” he paused a bit in thought, “That was one kiss.”

“Yeah. So?”

He smirked at you again, “So you get one bra.”

For :iconenelyawolfwood:
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