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August 20, 2013
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My Special Little Girl
Request for kitten1583

“Oi,” Gray heard a voice call out to him, “She brought you here, too.”

His dark blue eyes narrowed, but he didn’t attack the man’s who voice he heard. “Yeah,” he said simply a bitter smirk forming on his face, “I guess it’s like a family reunion.”

Lyon made a chuffing sound. “If the family just wants to kill each other.”


The two of them sat in a tense silence for a while until they both heard a noise from behind one of the crumbled stone walls that sat among. Nodding silently at each other, they both took ready stances facing the small noise.

“Ice make; sword!”

“Ice make; mace!”

Gray and Lyon both sent weapons flying in that direction, running after them to see if they had hit their mark.

What they did end up seeing, however, was both weapons lodges firmly in an wall of ice curved around a frail girl with her arms crossed over her face and fear making her body quiver. A long hand delicately touched her shoulder and the lean woman it belonged to walked out from behind the thin girl.

Feeling his mouth gape open for a second, Gray closed it with a smirk. “So,” he said, “you’re the one who brought us here?”

“Should’ve guessed as much,” Lyon muttered, folding his arms over his chest.

Ultear smiled dangerously at the boys and the girl behind them trailed after her, leaving the shelter of her ice shield behind. “Who’s the mouse?” the silver-haired boy asked, chin jutting out in the direction of the timid form who cowered behind the smirking girl.

“Another of my mother’s students,” she purred, glancing back at the girl with (h/c) locks. “From before you.”

Smiling, Ultear stepped towards the girl. “In fact,” she murmured with a light sigh, “My little friend (F/n) here is the reason why Mommy-Dearest ever wanted to become a mommy.”

Lyon’s black eyes narrowed, “Are you saying that-”

“I guess you weren’t the first student after all.” Black met dark blue in a violent glare as the two boys had a mental battle with each other.

Meanwhile, Ultear decided to add more fuel to the fire. “And you’re not the most talented, either.”

Both men froze, focus flickering between the curvy woman and her frail companion before them. “What do you-” Lyon started, but Gray figured it out in a moment.

He smacked his childhood friend upside the head, who didn’t really react the best to the solid thud. Just as he was about to begin shouting, Gray silenced him with a glare. “Have you even ever heard this ‘(F/n)’ say a word?” he shouted.

“No,” Lyon muttered, trying to figure out what Gray was getting at.

Gray’s eyes widened with intent. “So how did she use Ice Make magic?”

Brow furrowing, Lyon stared at the nervous girl in disbelief. “She was probably just quiet,” he managed to sputter out.

“Fairy boy is right, Lyon,” Ultear smiled casting a glance in the girl’s direction, “She’s special.”

“Very special indeed.”

For :iconkitten1583:
School starts tomorrow, so no requests for a while. If you have made a request please note it to me. Otherwise I lose it among the rest of the comments on my journals and stories and such and I will not write it. Thank you for understanding.
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