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September 17, 2012
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My Best Friend, My Enemy, My Dear
Request for Ask-Claire-TheStatue

"You're going down!" you shouted across the snow-covered grounds to the blond boy standing across from you. You could barely make out his violet eyes as you threw yourself to the ground and piled up snow into a round ball.

Pouncing up again, you poised to throw the snowball towards the Canadian's face, hoping maybe to knock him over, but he had vanished into thin air. Your (e/c) eyes scanned the barren area. "Shit," you mumbled to yourself, nervously preparing for an ambush, "How the Hell does he keep doing that?"

Something struck you gently in the back and you whirled around to see Matthew running just beyond the tree-line.

"Matthew Williams!" you laughed before taking off after him. The quiet boy disappeared yet again into the white background.

A branch snapped, grabbing your attention. Turning quickly, you (h/l) (h/c) hair spilled out from under your (f/c) snow cap. There was nothing aside from trees and snow.

Another, larger something crashed into your back, this time knocking you to the ground. Your flushed cheek lay flat against the snow as you struggled to get out from underneath that something.

A quiet laugh escaped someone's lips as they lift the heavy thing slightly off of and you managed to wriggle your way onto your back. Matthew crouched over you, pinning you to the cold snow around you. A light, happy blush dusted his cheeks and he used one hand to hold your arms above your head while the other scooped up a handful of snow.

Your (e/c) eyes widened. "Mattie!" you gasped, "You wouldn't!"

"Sorry, (F/n)," he grinned at you, his violet eyes shining, "This was your stupid idea."

He squeezed his hand between your chests and slowly, painfully, let the snow fall onto your soaking wet jacket.

You began writhing under his grip, "Oh my God, Mattie! You've had your fun, now let me go!"

"Say I won!" he grinned down at you, picking up another frozen handful of snow.

You squirmed some more, "You won!" you shouted, "You won!"

The snow dropped heavily on your chest and he carefully picked himself off the ground without disturbing any of the prints he made on the ground. Reaching down a hand to help you, his longish blonde hair blew back from his face. More heat rose to your cheeks.

He carefully grabbed your outstretched hand and pulled you up quickly, causing you to stumble slightly into his arms.

Suddenly, his personality was quiet again, "Oh- oh no! (F/n)! Your really red, are you sick?" His soft hand pressed itself gently against your forehead, causing your blush to deepen.

"No, I'm fine!" you assured, pushing his hands away, "Completely-" A loud cough interrupted you. You struggled for breath as Matthew cautiously rubbed your back.

"Liar," he mumbled as you finally regained the ability to breath. He walked in front of you before crouching slightly, his hands posed at his sides.

You looked curiously at the strangely position Canadian. "Ma-matthew?"

His violet eyes glanced over at you before he quickly turned his gaze back to the ground, "We-well, are you gonna jump up or not?"

Now his posture made sense; he was going to carry you home. "Matt, I'm fine, really."

He remained before you. "Come on, (F/n)! Just- just jump on."

You let out a silent sigh before carefully jumping onto his back. He let out a quiet grunt and regained his balance before easily trekking back through the trees to his house across the street. Once you were at the door, you reached down from his shoulder and turned the door, allowing him to nudge it open with his toe. He stumbled through the doorway before you kicked back and shut it.

Matthew laughed quietly at you before walking into the living room. He backed up to a couch and sat before standing again, leaving you on the plush sofa.

"I'm gonna go make pancakes, want some?"

Your pink lips pursed as you considered whether or not to eat. A growl coming from your stomach answered for you, however, and Matt chuckled before walking through an archway to the kitchen.

"Well that was embarrassing," you grumbled to yourself, laying out of the comfy couch. Your arms stretched above your head for a moment before you pulled them to your chest. You kicked your waterlogged sneakers off and folded your legs slightly. Curling a bit tighter, you closed your eyes and quickly fell asleep.

Matt called out to you after he piled one large plate high with pancakes, balancing it in his hands as he walked back over to where he left you.

"Oh goodness," he sighed before turning back into the kitchen, wrapping the still steaming pancakes with tinfoil. He went back to your side and gazed down at your sleeping form.

He gently touched a hand to your shoulder, "(F/n), hey (F/n)~" his soft voice cooed at you. When you hardly responded to his calls (only shifting a bit), he decided that his efforts were futile. Slowly, he propped you upright so he could tug off your wet jacket and sweater, leaving your torso only covered by a thin, (f/c) long-sleeved t-shirt. He also pulled off your damp snow pants, trying desperately not to look until he was sure you had sweats on under the water resistant fabric. All of your wet overclothes finally off, Matt reached over you to the back of the couch and carefully pulled a thick blanket down from behind you and wrapped it tightly around your body.

"There," he whispered to himself before turning away with a small blush. Your peaceful face almost made him want to shrug off his own overclothes and crawl under the blankets with you, but he knew he shouldn't.

Slipping off his puffy red coat, he hung it, along with all the other snow-soaked clothing, on a small coat rack in front of a heating vent. He jumped up and down a bit for warmth before going back into the living room, clutching a quilt tightly around himself as he curled up on a loveseat in the corner of the room.

When you woke up, it was dark outside. You panicked when you realized you couldn't move, only to discover it was because of a heavy blanket tucked around your body. Wriggling out of it, you spotting Matt shivering on the loveseat. A soft smile spread over your face and you approached him, dragging your blanket with you.

You lightly tapped Matthew's shoulder, "Hey Matt," you whispered in a sweet voice, "Mattie~"

He only shifted slightly, subconsciously grabbing onto your blanket and tugging it sharply down to wrap around himself.

"Ma-mattie?" you stuttered. He had pulled you down with the blanket. You tried not to wake him as you squirmed away, but instead of making progress he pulled you close. His grip was firm 'Must be from all that hockey,' you mused before your face rapidly turned shade by shade darker until you were scarlet.

Matthew's buried his nose in your hair, inhaling deeply as he relaxed against you. His strong chest was pressed fully against your back and your legs were fit together like puzzle pieces. You chewed on your lips for a moment before sinking deeper in his arms, letting sleep turn everything black as you and the guy of your dreams began breathing in sync.

"Matthew?" a thickly accented voice called through the house, "Mon ami? Where are you?"

Francis made his way into the living room, spotting the two of you and left, him being the nice romantic guy he is. That was, however, after he snapped countless photos of both of you curled together and sending it to everyone he knew.

"Oh mon ami," he sighed before exiting the house, "You have so much to learn of love. But I think (F/n) can show you better than I."

Guys! I did another request!
Just an FYI: I will be taking a break from requests for a while after this batch. That includes an EnglandxReader, and a Hong KongxReader. Though I have been given permission to do the HKxReader as one of my LSH stories, so it will come in whatever order I have it typed in my list...
This was a request for :iconclairetheamazing:
Hope you like it hun~
:iconsexycanadaplz::iconsaysplz: :iconvengefulamber: only owns the plot. Hetalia and it's characters belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:
:iconfrancerapefaceplz::iconsaysplz: WAIT! What about the translations?!?
:iconvengefulamber::iconsaysplz: You mean that one little insignificate word in French?
:iconfrenchsquealplz::iconsaysplz: Oui~
:iconvengefulamber::iconsaysplz: Mon ami means my friend. Done.
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You used French correctly! That makes me so happy. As a speaker of franҫais, it always makes me happy to see correct French. Good job on that! This was cute.
vengefulamber Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I only speak English and German (and sign language!) so I was worried about that.
Always nice to know I was correct!
Thank you!
StellaMarris Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah. I've seen people use "ma ami" when it's "mon ami" or "mon ami" but for a girl. When it's a girl, the correct usage is "mon amie". Like, "This is my (female) friend, _______." would end up being "C'est mon amie, _______." If you were going "This is my (male) friend, _______." would be "C'est mon ami, _______." So, yeah. You used it right. Or, if you want to throw readers off who think they know French from fanfictions, use "C'est mon copain, _______." for "This is my (male) friend, _______." As well as "C'est ma copine, _______." for "This is my (female) friend, _______."

Sorry. I ramble. I just love French...
vengefulamber Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It's OK. I totally get it.

But now I need to check the rest of my stories!
StellaMarris Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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Alright. A lot of problems in FranceXReaders and CanadaXReaders that I see are feminine/masculine mixups. Also, formalities and informalities. Like "vous" versus "tu" and "Comment allez-vous" versus "Comment vas-tu"... things like that and a couple of others.
rtew135 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013
I understand what you mean. When I see that someone (be it the reader or anybody else) is referred to as ''tu'' instead of the respectable ''vous'' I just go grammar crazy...

StellaMarris Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Of course, when it's between friends that's fine. What Waldo gets me is when people use the wrong version of "quel." That just makes me so angry! When it comes to languages, Google Translate sucks. At least for franšais.
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