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October 7, 2012
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Let Me Help

You hummed quietly to yourself as you sliced the tops off of strawberries to dip in chocolate that was sitting in a small pot over a stove flame. Your good friend, Vladimir, was coming over for a movie marathon that had been planned weeks in advance. You would cover snacks, Vlad would pick the movies.

A knock was heard at the door before it was swung open. "(F/n)!" Vlad called through your empty house.

With a small laugh you told him you were in the kitchen and that you'd be out in just a moment. Distracted by thoughts of the strawberry-blonde boy from Romania, you forgot about the sharp knife in your hand and cut too deeply into one of the red berries, nicking your fingertip with the small blade.

"Ouch!" you hissed before dropping the knife on the counter, along with the cut fruit. You were about to stick your finger under the faucet to wash away the blood, when your hand was grasped gently by Vlad's.

He pulled you closer, his crimson gaze steady on the little bead of the same color forming over your wounded skin. "Here," he said, his low voice barely audible, "let me help."

You were shocked by the sight of his head lowering to your hand, then by the feeling of his soft lips pressing to the cut. A bright blush coated your face as he wrapped his lips onto the sides of your finger, allowing his tongue to wipe away the metallic blood. When he was sure the flow had stopped, he pursed his lips and pulled your hand away from him before leading you over to the cabinet where you kept your medical supplies.

With a small smile, he pulled out a box of 'Mickey Mouse' band-aids.

"Be more careful next time," he muttered, wrapping the adhesive bandage around your finger.

You were snapped out of your stupor by his voice and hurriedly responded, "Ah, yes. Sorry."

Vlad's smile grew slightly and his ruby eyes closed as he pat the top of your head. "Good girl."

Blush growing, you pushed his hand away and crossed your arms. "I am not your dog," you told him with a small pout.

He shrugged and walked into the TV room. You followed, grabbing the strawberries and chocolate on your way out.

Walking into the small room, you noticed that Netflix was cued up on your TV, though you couldn't even see Vlad around all the pillows and blankets he'd piled onto the couch. With a big grin on your face, you set the sweets onto your wooden coffee table and flopped right in the center of the pile, landing square on top of Vlad. All the air left his lungs in a small woosh as you nuzzled further into the blankets separating the two of you.

When you turned around you saw him poke his head out of the blankets surrounding him. He pouted at you but pushed the blankets aside until they covered both of you. Of course, that also put you sitting in the Romanian's lap. You went to move, but Vlad held you close as you noticed the movie was starting. It was another horror movie. Of course. You wrapped your arms securely around him.

"I hate you."

He laughed and allowed you to clutch yourself tighter to him at every noise you heard. "No you don't."

30 minutes later, you were near tears but wouldn't stop the movie.

Vlad sighed, rolling his scarlet eyes, "(F/n). Seriously. It's just a movie. We can pause-"

"No we can't!"

He shook his head and stopped the movie anyways. You immediately jumped up from your spot. "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" you shouted. Vlad simply listened to your small rant. "She just-"


You paced to his other side. "And he-"


Stopping in front of him, you repeated your first sentence over again, "Oh. My. God!"

He pat his lap, encouraging you to sit back where you once were, which you gladly did. As you snuggled back under the blankets, you noticed he didn't put the movie back on and you looked at him with wide, (e/c) eyes.

"I'm done with the movie for now," he sighed, folding his arms around you and shifted so that he was laying down with you on top of him.

You reached for the remote, "But I'm not!" you cried to him. The two of you struggled for a moment over the power of the remote but you eventually let him win, deciding you didn't really want to panic anymore tonight.

Burrowing back into the mess of blankets, you huffed at Vlad, "Fine. But only because I don't want you scared."

Loud laughter came from the man and he quickly pressed his lips to your forehead. Your angry glare subsided to a confused, then worried expression.  That it, until you heard Vlad's next words. "Oh my God. I just- I just love you so much."


He wiped a tear from his eye and smiled softly at you. "I love you, I really do."

Hope flickered in your (e/c) eyes as you hovered over the Romanian man, "Really?"

"Really, really," he nodded to you.

You bit your lip to contain a squeal and grinned, attempting to cover up your excitement as you rested your head against Vlad's chest, allowing yourself to drift into sleep after murmuring one final sarcastic remark to the boy.

"You're so weird."


Let Me Help (RomaniaxReader)by vengefulamber

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2012-2014 vengefulamber
This was inspired by me cutting my finger while fixing a bagel.
Oh yeah. I am THAT good.

Ehm. So. Uh.
You belong to you... Or :iconsexyromaniaplz:
Yeah. And :iconsexyromaniaplz: belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
So... In a sense... You also belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:
But that's weird... So let's just stick with the sexy vampire.

... not :iconedwardcullenderpplz:

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