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September 27, 2012
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Take Me Or Leave Me

It was Arthur's first day at his new high school, and he was fearful of what was to come. It was the middle of the second quarter, everyone already had a clique or group, and he would be left alone until some other awkward person approached him. But, until then, he was on his own.

His tour of the school and talk with the principal lasted the first half of the day, ending a few minutes into lunch. He managed to shove his way past all the students and found an empty bench pressed up against a wall. With a barely audible sigh, he wove his way through the crowded room and sat by himself.

By the wall across from the doors, a beautiful girl with (h/l) (h/c) hair and shimmering (e/c) eyes was arguing with some guy. He turned to walk away, but was stopped by a grinning mass of classmates. They held him near the center of the room while some drummer kid tapped out a beat against his table. Random students in the room scatted out as everyone spread in a large circle surrounding the (h/c)-haired girl. She grinned, picking up on the song, and walked confidently over to the boy she had been arguing with.

"Every single day,
I walk down the street,
I hear people say,
"Baby's so sweet!"

Her hips sung confidently and the crowd whistled and cheered. She continued her path towards the boy.

"Ever since puberty,
Everybody stares at me
Boys, girls, I can't help it baby!"

She finally reached him and tapped his shoulder, causing him to wheel around and look at her. She held his hands in her own and smiled softly at him.

"So be kind, and don't lose your mind
Just remember that I'm your baby!"

She turned away from him and raised her arms as she faced the crowd, stepping away a bit before turning right back around and marching up to him again.

"Take me for what I am
Who I was meant to be
And if you give a damn
Take me baby,
Or leave me."

He tried to shove past the crowd again and she shrugged.

"Take me baby or leave me."

A few of the students shoved him right in front of the singing girl and gestured excitedly as she sang.

"A tiger in a cage
Can never see the sun
This diva needs her stage
Baby, lets have fun."

One of her elegant fingers prodded his chest and he stumbled backwards in an attempt to get away.

"You are the one I choose
Folks would kill to fill your shoes
You love the limelight too, now baby,"

He managed to get away from her and looked up to the ceiling, clasping her hands to her chest in an exasperated manor.

"So be mine and don't waste my time cryin'
'Honey bear are you still my, my, my baby?'"

She was lifted up onto a table and she stomped her feet against the hard plastic surface, drawing the attention of the poor guy she was completely humiliating.

"Take me for what I am
Who I was meant to be
And if you give a damn
Take me baby or leave me"

Her (e/c) eyes closed and she belted out the lyrics, taking a step down to the bench of the table as she sang.

"No way, can I be what I'm not
But hey, don't you want your girl hot?"

The students roared and whistled again, all the while blockading the door from the subject of the girl's attention.

"Oh, don't fight, don't lose your head
'Cause every night who's in your bed?"

He turned quickly to face her. She had a puzzled expression on her face, like she was honestly curious what the answer was.


Her face suddenly became extremely irritated as the guy's expression flashed from annoyed to guilty.

"Who's in your bed?"

She sneered the question at him, almost as though she knew the answer. He looked as though he was trying to apologize, but she was now the one to push away.

"It won't work
I look before I leap
I love margins and discipline
I make list in my sleep baby
What's my sin?
Never quit
I follow through
I hate mess but I love you
What do with my impromptu baby?"

Her expression was suspicious as she walked over to another group of girls. She wrapped her arms over their shoulders and they all formed a small line, joined by arms woven around each other's hips in a strong chain of angry girl.

"So be wise 'cause this girl satisfies
You got a prize but don't compromise
Your one lucky baby!"

As the girl with the (e/c) eyes continued with another round of the chorus, the girls all chimed in observations directing towards the guy with fingers pointed at him and bored looks on their faces as they smirked at each other, each taking turns in humiliating the now-prideless young man.

Take me for what I am
(A control freak!)
Who I was meant to be
(A snob yet over attentive!)
And if you give a damn
(A loathe-able droll geek!)
Take me baby or leave me
(An anal retentive!)"

They separated, leaving only the lead girl standing at the edge of the crowd. She slowly strode over to the subject of her jeers and he scrambled through the crowd to leave once more.

"That's it! The straw that breaks my back
I quit, unless you take it back
Those men, what is it about them?
Can't live with them or without them!"

He finally managed his way through the crowd and slammed through the doors. She stood in the center of the room, shouting after him.

"Take me for what I am
Who I was meant to be
And if you give a damn
Take me baby or leave me"

She shrugged to the crowd before waving dismissively and turning back to her seat.

"Guess I'm leaving.
I'm gone!"

Everyone in the room laughs at the scene the unlucky guy had caused and Arthur made his way over to the girl who had sung.

Nervously, he spoke to her, "You have a very nice voice, love."

She turned from her lunch and faced him, "Hm?" her (e/c) eyes focused on him and she smiled at him, her face filled with pride, "Well thank you!"

He stuck his hand out with a small smile. "Arthur Kirkland."

"(F/n) (L/n)."

They shook just as the bell rang. Arthur ran his hand through his messy blonde hair. "Damn," he muttered, pulling out his schedule in order to search for his next class.

She looked at him with worry in her eyes, "What's wrong?"

His green eyes glanced up at her before glaring back down at the little piece of paper in his hands. "Nothing. I just have absolutely no idea where I'm going!"

A small laugh escaped her lips and she gently tugged the schedule from his hands. "Here," she said sweetly, glancing down at it before pulling him out of the room and down the hall. "Why don't I show you?"

"So what happened back there?" Arthur asked her as she led him to his class.

She thought for a moment before shrugging and continuing on her way.

"He wanted me to be who I'm not."

Ok. So. I like this. :3
Hope you do too!
Denmark: [link]
Russia: [link]
Austria: [link]
America: [link]
Romano: [link]
Switzerland: [link]
France: [link]
Canada: [link]
Germany: [link]
Spain: [link] own nothing!
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