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October 4, 2012
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I'm Not That Girl

Francis Bonnefry. The guy of your dreams. The sweetest, most romantic guy on campus. The guy who every girl wanted to date, or at least to have some form of relation with. The guy who would let every girl down gently and still remain their friend.

The boyfriend of your best friend.

Madeline Williams. The girl to vent to. The nicest, most adorable girl on campus. The girl who would listen to everything anyone had to say, and always know exactly how to respond. The girl who was friends with everyone.

The girl who had captured the affection of Francis.

You had always thought you had just as much of a chance with the beautiful Frenchman as every other girl at school. You were simply you. Not a cheerleader, not the popular girl, not the friendly one, or the geek, or that weird girl who always had her hand raised. After a while, you realized your chances with Francis were slim at best. That small sliver of hope was completely shattered the day rumors were spread that the two people closest to your heart were dating. You didn't even try to find Maddie.

Tears blinded you as you ran through the school, ending up outside, somewhere in the gardens. You heard the final bell ring as you crumpled to the ground, defeated.

Not that you held any resentment to either of them, they deserved each other. Both of them were completely perfect. And what were you? The nobody who clung desperately to one girl's sleeve for attention.

Ducking behind a thick rosebush, you hid away from all of the students passing and cried to yourself until all you could hear were the choking sounds of your silent sobs. With a small smile, you began to hum to yourself to calm down. At least they were happy together.

A sad melody began to play in your head and you quietly sang the words to yourself as you drew pictures in the soft soil surrounding you.

"Hands touch, eyes meet.
Sudden silence, sudden heat.
Hearts leap in a giddy whirl.
He could be that boy,
But I'm not that girl."

Random lines in the dirt became hearts and you pushed them away with the palm of your hand, along with all ideas of ever having a chance with Francis.

"Don't dream too far,
Don't lose sight of who you are.
Don't remember that rush of joy.
He could be that boy,
I'm not that girl."

Frustrated, more tears spilled from your (e/c) eyes and landed on the already damp soil, creating a darker patch. You shook your head clear of your jealous thoughts, trying to remember how much you loved to see your quiet friend smile. Francis would make her smile more.

"Every so often, we long to steal,
To the land of what might have been.
But that doesn't soften,
The ache we feel,
When reality sets back in."

You held your breath when you heard a quiet, female voice pass by quickly, calling out your name. When she was no longer in hearing distance, you let out all of the air in your lungs in a quiet whoosh.

"Blithe smile, lithe limb,
She who's winsome,
She wins him.
Gold hair with a gentle curl.
That's the girl he chose.
And heaven knows,
I'm not that girl."

The small smile that had snuck it's way on your face at the thought of Maddie's adorable little hair curl quickly disappeared with the arrival of more tears. You wished he would only notice you for just a second, but- no. With another small shake of your head, you furrowed your brows and told yourself how to behave.

"Don't wish, don't start.
Wishing only wounds the heart.
I wasn't born for the rose and the pearl.
There's a girl I know,
He loves her so,
I'm not that girl."

Just a another sob was about to tear through your throat, you heard a quiet whisper of your name. "(F/n)?" the voice called out and you could just picture Maddie looking around for you until her violet eyes settled on the rosebush. "Mon cher?"

That was odd. Maddie hardly ever spoke in French. But you just ignored it and buried your face between your knees.

"Oh (F/n)," you heard a sad sigh come from your left. The voice didn't sound like you friend's, but the person it sounded like it belonged to would never come looking for you. Ever.

Strong arms drew you close against a firm chest. His white dress shirt was soft, and smelled slightly of roses. The person under you was lean, but solid; nothing like the comforting softness of Maddie. You finally opened your eyes, looking up to reveal concerned blue orbs.

His blonde bangs had escaped the low, loose ponytail that rested on the base of his head, framing his thin face as he gazed down at you.

Francis wiped a tear that had slipped down your cheek when your weren't paying attention.

"Mon cher," he said with a low voice and a small smile, "Why are you crying?"

You bit your lip and forced yourself to hold back tears. "Because," you whispered, "the two people of love most in the world love each other just as much."

Smile never faltering, he tilted his head, "But, this is a happy thing, is it not?"

"No," you squeaked out, "No it's not!"

More sobs racked through your body as Francis held you close. Rubbing soothing shapes on your back and letting you cry. You kept your head down as you heard another person crash through the roses.

A quiet gasp escaped their lips, luring a small smile to your face, and their stuttered your name, "(F-f/n)?"

The person fell to the ground next to your and wrapped their arms around you, drawing your head close to their soft chest while Francis let them slip your out of his lap.

"I was so worried!" Maddie muttered into your (h/c) hair. She pulled away, her round, violet eyes were glossy with tears threatening to spill as she stared you down. "What happened?"

You held yourself tightly to your best friend, just wanting to vent about everything. "I heard you and Francis were dating from some girl in science and that made me sad because I like Francis but I know you'll be happy with him so please don't hate me because I like him too!" you blurted out in one breath with your head pressed against Maddie's small stomach.

She patted your head uneasily before coming up with a response. "(F/n)," she told you, her voice firm but shaky all at the same time, "Francis and I aren't dating."

"But you've been-"

A small sigh left her lips and she pulled your chin so you'd look at her. "We've been spending time together because he likes my best friend." Your face remained blank as a wide grin broke across Maddie's face. "You, (F/n)! He likes you!"

Your lips formed a small "O" and you felt a hand placed on your shoulder. Looking up, you saw none other than Francis, his blonde hair shining in the sunlight. He reached a hand down to you and you looked to Maddie for assistance.

She nodded, giving you the confidence to lightly grab onto his large hand with your smaller one. As he tugged you up, you looked to Maddie, as if to ask, "Why isn't this you?"

She just shook her head, her lips forming the words you had thought only moments ago.

"I'm just not that girl."

I like this one. I really do. Again, sorry to have missed yesterday's upload of QMC, like I said, I had a stressful day. Tomorrow will be England. So yeah. That's fun.
Anyways, I own nothing but the story!
Denmark: [link]
Russia: [link]
Austria: [link]
America: [link]
England: [link]
Romano: [link]
Switzerland: [link]
Canada: [link]
Germany: [link]
Spain: [link]
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