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April 16, 2013
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Full Moon Passing: Part 3
Commissioned by winxclub1


“Yes, young master?”

“You seem rather distracted today.”

“It’s that girl from the fire, isn’t it?”

“Don’t think I didn’t recognize your coat over her shoulders last week.”

“You know what I think, Sebastian?”

“I think you’ve taken quite the liking to her.”

“Shame on you, thinking such things about the wealthy daughter of an earl.”

“Sebastian, ready the carriage.”

“I’d rather like to check up on our tenant.”


With a smile on your face that could lighten the heart of a demon, you quietly slipped out of the front door of the Earl Phantomhive’s London manor. The only thoughts in your head were of what was waiting for you at the docks, but that was quickly interrupted by the sound of a carriage rolling to a stop behind you.

Turning from the door, you looked just in time to see Sebastian opening the black wood door for his master. The young Phantomhive boy stepped down from the carriage, not moving from the polished wood and iron vehicle.

“Lord Phantomhive!” you said, startled by his appearance as you gave a small bow, “This is rather unexpected, I was just heading out to the docks.”

His lips twitched into a smirk before curling downwards, “Yes, I can see that.” You flinched a bit at his tone, but tried to suppress any visible reaction. “Why don’t we drive you? You can tell me what’s waiting for you at the docks.”

Confused by his sudden interest, you felt your head tilt a bit to the side before hesitantly nodding. “Thank you very much, my lord.”

Biting your lip, you carefully stepped up into the carriage behind the young lord, delicately accepting his butler’s assistance but otherwise avoiding the lean man.

Once the door was shut and you felt the horses jar the compartment forward, you let out a quiet sigh. Looking up, you saw Ciel staring at you with an expectant blue eye. You cleared your throat quietly before beginning, (e/c) eyes closed.

“Today a ship will be arriving from America. The men returning on that ship will be men of varying social classes who haven’t seen the Motherland for nearly a year and a half. The docks will be flooded with eager lovers, mothers, daughters, and sisters all waiting for the man they hold closest to their heart to appear on the safe shores of England.”

“And which are you?”

Your eyes blinked open at his question; for being so young, he certainly knew a lot. You smiled sadly at him. “You’re a rather impatient child, you know that?” The boy shrugged, carelessly gesturing for you to continue your little story.

Shaking your head at the boy, you explained further. “One of those men is the son of a very wealthy tea merchant. He was called to America for his knowledge of architecture that he learned in school while younger. I am waiting for him.”

“A lover?”

Sighing inwardly at the presumptuous boy, you shook your head again, correcting him. “A fiance.”

Ciel gestured to your left hand, “You’re not wearing a ring.”

“I haven’t gotten one, yet.”

“You should; someone might steal you away.”

Letting out a nervous chuckle, you narrowed your eyes at the lord, “I highly doubt that, young earl.”

He only smiled and leaned back against the plush seat of his bench, as though he knew something. Just as you opened your mouth to ask him, though, you were jerked out of your seat by a sudden turn of the carriage’s direction. Stifling a gasp, you heard Ciel swear loudly at his butler.

The carriage halted and Ciel burst open the door to shout at his butler.

“I’m very sorry, young master, but some sort of commotion is preventing me from reaching the docks.”

Quietly, you peered through the open door to see the butler bowing lowly to his master. You stood on your toes and turned to see over the top of the carriage and gasped. A large group of bystanders were surrounding a single ship. Scotland Yard was attempting to push the people away.

You could still hear the two talking behind you. “It would seem that someone was murdered at some point during the voyage.” Consciousness barely processing the name that passed through the butler’s lips, you watched the onlookers disperse just enough for you to see two officers carrying a body away.

Gulping back a sob, you stepped back, slipping off of the carriage step. Two arms wrapped around you, preventing you from falling to the ground.

“My lady?” you heard Sebastian say to you. You didn’t respond, just clutched the fine fabric of his suit in your fists, burying your face in his chest to hide the tears. One of his hands slid up, long fingers petting your head.

Hearing the young earl sigh with annoyance behind the butler you were hiding your face in, Sebastian carefully lifted you once more into the cab, waiting for his master to step as well before beginning the journey once more to the London home.

Numbly, you felt yourself be guided out of the carriage and to the front door of your temporary residence that didn’t feel so temporary anymore.

“Miss (L/n)?” you heard a smooth voice say to snap you out of your melancholy musings. Looking up, you saw a soft smile painted over Sebastian’s face. “I may be a servant of my young lord, but I am here for you.”

Pressing on a smile that didn’t quite reach your eyes, you turned away from the butler, quietly thanking him before closing the door behind you.

“Yes, Sebastian. I do think you’re rather taken with her.”


Full Moon Passing: Part 3 (SebastianxReader)by vengefulamber

Literature / Fan Fiction / Drama©2013-2014 vengefulamber
Commissioned by :iconwinxclub1:
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
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