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April 2, 2013
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Full Moon Passing: Part 2
Commissioned by MutsumiHasagawa

It had been one long month since your home was destroyed in the ambush that took the lives of everyone you held dear, including your father. Some nights you still had nightmares about the whole thing, but you were generally able to push the memories in the back of you mind.

Ciel, the master of the butler who had saved your life, had arranged for you to stay in his London home until you could find somewhere else to stay.

For about the first week of you staying at lovely home, you had hardly left the room that had been arranged for you to sleep in. You didn’t even let the little redheaded maid in. It wasn’t until you heard a gentle knock and the quiet turning of the knob sometime in the second week that anyone entered the room.

“Milady,” a quiet voice chided, “this is no way for someone of your position to be living.” Slowly, you looked away from the window facing the crowded London streets and turned to see that butler standing just in front of the closed door, his long fingers lingering on the knob. “The young master has invited you to join him and his fiance for tea, I highly suggest that you accept.”

Heaving a quiet sigh, you pressed an insincere smile on your pale face. “Alright,” you whispered in a voice that hadn’t been used in at least a week.

The butler smiled back, just as falsely. “Very good,” he told you, already turning the knob to leave again, “By the way, the weather is quite warm, so I suggest you dress lightly.”

And you did as he said, because that butler saved your life.

You pulled a simple, soft dress from the wardrobe full of clothing that Ciel’s fiance, Elizabeth, had picked out for you. A dark, crimson sash tied around your waist, as well as wrapped around your wide-brimmed hat.

A carriage arrived just before tea-time and you found yourself being assisted by that butler into a seat of the carriage.

“Miss (L/n),” Ciel nodded to you with an easy smile, “You look rather nice today.”

You nodded back to the young Earl, a smile of your own on your face.

“Oh (F/n)!” Elizabeth squealed, leaning forward to embrace you, “That dress is so cute on you!”

With a sweet smile, you pulled away from the girl. “Thank you very much.” The young girl was dressed head to toe in pink, as always, while her companion was wearing his usual dark blue garb.

The ride was relatively short, just long enough to get you out of the heavy crowds of London and into the sweet smelling air of unpopulated lands. The carriage stopped smoothly and Ciel stepped out, helping his fiance out after him.

A soft smile tugged at your lips when you saw them, and just as you were about to step out, another hand reached into the carriage, covered with a white glove. Slightly shocked by the appearance of the butler’s hand, it took you a moment to accept it. When you did, however, you were even more surprised by the gentleness of the man.

“Thank you,” you whispered to the man with a nod.

Placing his right hand over his chest, the butler bowed to you, “But of course, milady.”

Hours passed in the gentle sun of the afternoon filled with smiles and sweet, milky tea alongside rich chocolate cakes. But, after a bit dark clouds rolled in, covering the darkening blue sky.

“Oh my,” Elizabeth said quietly, “it looks like it’s going to rain.”

You sighed, hugging yourself to keep warm, “Pity,” you muttered.

“Sebastian,” you heard Ciel say to his butler, “fetch my coat for Lady Elizabeth.”

Watching on, you saw the butler gently placing the dark blue coat over Elizabeth’s shoulders. Pulling it tightly around herself, she smiled at her fiance, who wasn’t cold in his already heavy clothing.

Though you smiled as well, you also felt a bit chilled as the first raindrops splattered against the brim of your hat. The two children began slowly walking in the rain, Ciel’s hand clutched tightly by Elizabeth’s.

You felt a presence next to you. “Did you forget a coat, milady?”

A smirk formed at the butler’s innocent sounding words. “I wasn’t told to bring one.”

“Then I do believe it’s quite lucky of me to have brought one of my own.” You looked at the butler. His cold eyes were staring straight ahead, but the ghost of a smile played at his lips as he held his arm out to you.

A long, black cloak was draped over it, which you gingerly touched before tugging it over your shoulders.

“Again,” you told the man, “thank you. You really are incredible.”

He bowed to you once more, “I am simply,” that smirk of his appeared fully on his gaunt face as the full moon peeked out from behind the storm clouds.

“One Hell of a butler.”

Commissioned by :iconmutsumihasagawa:
So go thank her for that.
Part 1: [link]
Part 3: [link]
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