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November 8, 2012
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Full Moon Passing: Part 1

You shivered as the wind blew against your body. Your (f/c) ballgown rustled in the breeze and you hugged yourself, running your hands up and down the chilled skin under the thin fabric of your sleeves. A commotion was heard from inside the manor, causing you to sigh and stand up. Your father was a bit too eager to duel with his oppressors.

But, when you stood, you saw a flash of something sailing through the air towards you. Something else crashed into you, and a terrified squeak escaped your lips as the thing over you pinned you close to the ground.

Time seemed to slow down the the glass that had been coming towards you lost momentum and rained down over you. You were surprised to not feel anything, but quickly realized it was due to the man hovering over you.

He smiled gently at you, his eyes closed, and raised a finger to his lips in a universal sign to keep quiet. Hesitantly, you nodded, and the man placed his hand once more on the ground next to your face, turning his head to stare at the manor. Everything about him frightened you, but each attempt to wiggle farther away from the man caused him to glare at you with venom in his red-brown eyes. You'd stop moving, and he'd gaze once at your home.

You turned your head to face it, too, deciding you'd rather see what was going on then to look up at the intimidating man. Fixing your (e/c) eyes on the house, a gasp escaped to see orange flames consuming the manor from the inside out. The man looked back down at you and quickly covered your eyes just as tears began to leak through. You could feel him lean closer to you before he whispered, "I'm very sorry you had to see that, milady. Please forgive me."

"M-my house. My friends." A dreadful realization struck you. "My father!" You tried to push the man away, screeching out the name of your father, but the man held you still. Your hands pounded uselessly on the strong chest of the pale man and after a while he shifted.

Calmly, he pulled you into a sitting position and tugged you onto his lap. You sniffled as he ran his long, glove-covered fingers through your hair. When the flames finally died down, you shivered once more and clutched yourself closer to the man.

Glancing up, you saw him turn his gaze to the sky above, leading you to follow suit.

"Would you look at that," he muttered with a stoic face before smiling once more at you.

"It's a full moon tonight."

Look! Another Black ButlerxReader! I love this manga! It's absolutely fantastic. So there you go.
Sorry to my Hetalia readers, but I love Sebby so much. He's just so!

Ooookay. So. I own nothing but the story. Yeah. Bye now!

And a part 2 was commissioned... [link]
Part 3: [link]
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