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May 19, 2013
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Frostbitten: Part 9
Jack FrostxReader

He was back, but of course it wasn’t the right ‘he’.

You stayed up that night, terrified of the prospect of nightmares caused at the hands of Pitch Black. What you didn’t realize is that nightmares become real while you are awake. The shadows in the corner of your room seemed denser than usual, and you watched as they formed the lean and frightening shape of the Boogieman.

“Still alone?” he hummed in that mocking voice of his, “I’d have thought your little playmate would be back by now.”

Swallowing down your external fear, you cringed away from the man. “You should know,” you spat, “He’s after you.”

Pitch’s lips curled up in a sinister smirk. “But if he really cared about you wouldn’t he be here to protect you?” He left the question hanging in the air, smirk growing when he saw you had no answer for him. “Do you really believe that a childish soul like Jack Frost could feel anything serious? He’s just teasing you.” The way he said that word ‘teasing’ sent shivers down your spine.

“Do you even know how he became Jack Frost?” The man clad in black looked at your stupefied expression and had to turn away to hide his prideful smirk. “Of course you don’t.”

You struggled to defend yourself. “I know what I need to know!” you insisted, “Jack will tell me if he wants to!”

“And when do you think that’ll be?” All other expression dropped from your face to make room for the hopeless look of disappointment on your face. There was a sinking feeling in your stomach as you felt your heart be consumed by doubt. The sight made Pitch smile. “The boy is letting me in your home! And he says he’s protecting you?”

Biting your lips together, you held back the fit of tears you knew were coming. No way would you cry in front of the monster before you.

“He’s left you...”

“All alone...”

“With me.”

“Stop it!” you screamed, cutting into the night. Pitch’s expression became a tamer version of it’s earlier anger and mocking and now he only retained that infuriating smirk.

More shadows rose from the ground, licking at the edge of your bed as you shrunk closer to the wall.

Pitch stepped closer. “Poor, poor (F/n). She thought he would keep her safe from the Boogieman.” His words were taunting, daring you to challenge him again. A crushing feeling was consuming you as you felt yourself giving up.

You cringing, squeezing your eyes shut against the shadow’s glowing golden eyes. Over and over you repeated Jack’s name like a mantra that could bring him back. Only, it didn’t. You were still alone with Pitch Black.

“But he’s not here to protect you, dear. No, no,” he tsked and you could sense the shadows growing taller around you, arching like a bird’s cage over your head. The sound of the cage forming filled your ears and you silently pleaded for it to stop.

Then, it was quiet. The shadows of sand had stopped shifting around you and Pitch had stopped talking. Nervously, you opened your eyes, gasping when you saw the gaunt face of Pitch Black taking up your line of sight from beyond dark bars of the cage.

His eyes were narrowed and he examined you carefully. “Tell me, (F/n),” he addressed you, sound most professional in what he was doing though it was still painfully obvious that his only goal was to make you break. You could tell that much by the haunting lit of his voice. “What are you most afraid of?”

“Are you afraid of being all alone with only your thoughts left to consume you?” He was suddenly gone, but quickly reappeared behind you.

You could hear the grating sound of his long fingers sliding against the cage bars. “Maybe you’re afraid that you’ll never be loved.” You cringed again, struggling not to think of the terrible scenarios.

Shuddering, you whispered a desperate plea to the man for him to stop. “Please,” you whispered hoarsely, “Just stop.”

The walls around your cage were very much unlike your room, forming a dark cave around you. Numerous stalactites and stalagmites came to a sharp point in the cave, filling up any and all empty space with their frightening shapes. Pitch stood on the flat ground next to you, hands clasped behind his back.

“Anything for you, dear (F/n),” he hissed, finally leaving you with your nightmares.


Frostbitten: Part 9 (Jack FrostxReader)by vengefulamber

Literature / Fan Fiction / Drama©2013-2014 vengefulamber
Welp. There you go. There's that kidnapping I've been threatening forever.

I wonder what will happen next. Seriously. I have no idea.

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