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December 1, 2012
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Frost Bitten: Part 6
Jack FrostxReader

"What now?" you groaned, looking up at the annoyed face of Jack Frost.

His foot continued to tap on the wood floor of your home. "You left me here, alone." He put emphasis on the last word, sounding extremely irritated by your lack of appearances throughout the day.

Pushing yourself up by the door, you looked at him with tired eyes. "Yes, I'm sorry. Next time, you can talk to my mother."

You brushed past him, tugging off your sweater and throwing it to the ground and heard a shout from behind you. "And where are you going now?"

With your arms dangling at your side and your tank top slipping slowly off of your shoulder, you wheeled around to face him. "Bed," you answered truthfully as you pulled the sleeve back up, tired after a long day of putting up with your mother talking your ear off and expecting you to answer. Dragging your feet, you heard Jack following you curiously as you collapsed face first in your bed, then rolled so you were facing the wall. Hugging a pillow to your chest you shivered, your sweats barely holding in the warmth of your body.

You expected him to turn around and leave. Or wake you up. Or make a fuss. Or jump in the bed with you. Or something else obnoxious.

What you did not expect was him to pull the blankets up to your chin, tucking you in so you were almost too warm, and leaving. He shut the door silently behind him and you watch at the crack of light disappeared from your wall.

Outside of your room, you could hear some noises that sounded very familiar (the dishwasher being run, the floor being steamed, the TV set at a low volume) but your brain was too tired to actually absorb any of it.

The last thing you remembered was Jack carefully slipping in the bed next to you, so that he wouldn't disturb you, and wrapping his chilled arms snugly around you. His cold nose was pressed to your shoulder blade, sending little shivers down your spine. But you only pretended to be asleep, listening to his even breathing as the two of you slipped into the land of dreams.

Waking up only a few short hours later, you heard the voice of Jack whispering loudly to someone else. It was still dark out, and you could hardly make out the lean shape of the ice prince standing in front of a much larger person.

"You can't just barge in here!" he said in a hushed voice.

The figure moved. Something was off about it's shape, but you couldn't quite place it. "Who's to say I can't?" it said, an Australian accent ringing through.

You shot up in bed, suddenly wide awake, "I'm to say you can't!" you shouted, searching the wall next to you for your lamp switch. You found it, tugging on the metal chain until you heard the click of the light being turned on. Your (e/c) eyes focused on the scene in front of you.

Jack was standing at the edge of your bed, looking back at you with panic apparent in his blue eyes, and the other person- Wasn't really a person.

What appeared to be a large rabbit with a large boomerang strapped to his back was staring at you, somewhat panicked.

"She can see us?" he whispered to Jack, even though you were sitting right in front of him.

You crossed your arms over your chest and rolled your eyes. "No. I just happen to be letting Jack Frost share my bed."

The giant rabbit cleared his throat. "Right. Well," he stuck out a furry paw for you to shake, "I'm the Easter Bunny. You can call me Bunnymund."

Trying not to laugh by thinking too much on what you were doing, you took his hand in yours and gave it a firm shake, "(F/n)."

When he pulled away he grinned at you. "Nice to know some adults still believe in us."

"Well why wouldn't I?" you raised a bemused eyebrow and smirked, "Clearly you exist."

Needless to say it was strange to watch the rabbit's expression. Especially when Jack pulled his attention away from you. "Alright, kangaroo, what do you need."

He narrowed his green eyes at the teen. "Oi!" he snapped, "Bunny." Then he sighed and scratched the back of his head. You tried not to pay to close of attention to how soft it looked due to the seriousness of his eyes. With only three words to Jack, he had an immense reaction.

"Pitch is back."

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Oooh~! Suspenseful~!
Guys! Guys!
The kidnapping is coming up in the next part... Er. Maybe the one after that. I'm not quite sure yet...
But anyways!
The flipping kangaroo makes an appearance!
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AironFay Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
when things can ONLY get worse. . . ya just half to make them worse
vengefulamber Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Always! No one dies, though!
kawaiiCaliGirl Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Professional General Artist
No. I just happen to be letting Jack Frost share my bed.

if only hahaha
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