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November 24, 2012
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Frost Bitten: Part 4
Jack FrostxReader

It was strange, you recalled, laying against Jack's chest, to think of the way you came to live with the not quite human. He had tricked you, and you had tricked him. And kissing you was only the beginning.

The two of you parted, a stubborn blush evident on his pale face. His dark brows were furrowed with determination. "Please don't leave."

This shocked you. Sure, you didn't know the guy, but he didn't seem like one to beg. "A-alright," you said nervously, hoping that he'd stop acting so randomly so that you'd know how to deal with him.

A bright grin lit his face, "Awesome!" You smiled too, but your teeth chattered in sudden realization of the cold in the ice cave. You rubbed your hands up and down your chilled arms, but that didn't help much. Jack looked sympathetic for a moment, before hope sparked in his pale blue eyes. "I have an deal for you! An actual one this time, not like before."

And so, Jack Frost came home with you. Pretty great story to tell the grandkids, not that they'd believe you. You hardly believed it yourself, the only thing that proved it to be real being when you woke up still on top of the Ice Prince.

Holding your breath, you rolled off of him, shocked with how cold your room had gotten around you. You blamed Jack.

You tugged on a pair of thick, fuzzy socks and skated your way into your kitchen, fixing a bowl of your favorite cereal while in there. Carefully, you leaned against the counter, trying not to slip to the ground while you ate. Swallowing the last spoonful of soggy cereal, you twisted around and placed the bowl in the sink before sliding over to the fridge.

A little huff of frustrated air made you look behind you at Jack.

"I thought we weren't allowed to skate inside," he pouted, white hair messy from sleep.

You laughed and ruffled it more, "No," you corrected, "you're not allowed to skate inside, I don't need to have to clean up melted ice from the floor.

He groaned, "But you wouldn't! The ice won't melt if you let me!"

Trying not to laugh, you looked at the teen, "And how would you expect me to get around?"

Grinning, he scooped you up in his arms and began sliding on more ice as he created it, "I'll just carry you!"

"Put me down right now!" you told Jack, shoving yourself out of his arms and onto the couch. The air whooshed out of your lungs when you made contact with the chair, then again when Jack sat on your stomach.

You began shoving again. "Oh for God's sake! Get off!" He wiggled and you groaned. "Oh my God your butt is so flipping boney! Get. Off!"

With a laugh, he lifted his weight off of you. You gasped in the air, "Sweet, sweet air! I missed you so!" you called out dramatically as Jack sat on the arm of the couch closest to your head. He gazed down at you with those sweet blue eyes and you blushed, looking away.

Smirking, Jack poked your cheek. "(F/n)~" he sang at you.

"What?" You mimicked his tone, not looking away from the fibers of the back of the couch.

You could feel him grinning, "Why won't you look at me?"

Sighing, you stared at one loose thread that bothered you, then groaned. "Because this is so much more interesting."

A loud laugh filled the air and you fought with yourself not to smile. "I'd bet," Jack said, struggling to make his words understandable around his laughter.

Just as you were about to retort, the house phone rang. With wide eyes, you looked at Jack. You could see his plan shining in his eyes as he glanced down at you.

"Jack," your voice was warning, "no!" You lunged at him as he jumped from his spot, just barely brushing your fingers against the soft cotton of his sweatshirt. When you tried to follow, something wrapped around your waist. You grunted, falling back against the couch cushions and examining the ice holding you back.

"Jack!" you screeched as he picked up the phone.

His voice was cheery and smooth as he answered, "Hello?" Grinning, he looked at you, then turned around, holding the phone to his ear. "Yes, this is (F/n)'s house. May I ask who I'm speaking too? Oh!" He craned his neck to look at you and mouthed the words 'It's your mom' to you.

(E/c) eyes widening in panic, you struggled to break the ice while Jack continued to talk to your mother, chatting like they were best friends. Grinning widely at something she said, he chirped a goodbye, then hung up. You sighed. The ice cracked off of you.

The pale boy sat next to you on the couch. "So that was you mother!" he cheered. You buried your face in your palms. "She said 'Hi'." Glaring at him, he continued as if you'd done nothing, "And she wants to meet me."

You groaned. "Shit."

Teehee! I'm so mean to you people.
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YasaminK Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
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Look, if you're unhappy with the way I portray a character I'm very sorry but please don't continue to leave rude comments on my works that don't actually have anything in them to help me. Until about part 10 of this story I was going off of clips and trailers of the movie. I didn't want to write it until I had actually seen the movie, but I was receiving encouragement from others as well as helpful criticisms so I could improve my portrayal. 
So thank you for commenting, but please don't again unless what you have to say is helpful.
Have a nice day.
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