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March 28, 2013
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Request for RamenIsNomNom

You chewed at your lip nervously, shifting in your seat.

“Miss (L/n), do you know why you’re here?” a smooth voice asked through the silence, causing you to flinch.

“N-not really. No,” you stuttered, looking up to see the tall, dark, and suspicious butler of the Phantomhive Mansion.

His hands were straight at his sides, posture as perfect as a toy soldier. “You’re here,” he started in that low voice of his, “because you’ve caught my interest. How would you like to help me?”

“‘Help you’ how?” you asked carefully, not entirely trusting the crimson-eyed man.

“Just simple chores; housework, perhaps some gardening from time to time.”

“Don’t you already have servants to do those things?”

The butler smirked at you, as though silently applauding your wits. “Perhaps, but they could always use help.”

And that was how you came about to live in the Phantomhive Mansion, doing whatever chores Sebastian couldn’t trust with the other staff.

Your black and white uniform was a hassle, but it was necessary of a Phantomhive maid, and you weren’t going to be the one to destroy that name.

You were a very punctual servant; arriving exactly when Sebastian needed you and getting whatever you were entrusted to take care of done in record time. Which is why everyone was shocked when you were late to helping the butler make breakfast for the servants.

Mey-Rin came bursting through your door like an elephant and you cringed, ducking further into your covers. “(F/n)!” she called frantically in your room, looking back and forth through her thick glasses, “(F/n)!” Finally, she spotted you bundled up in your blankets and heavily flushed.

“Oh dear,” she muttered. “Sebastian! I think (F/n) is sick!” she shouted down to the butler, who was in your room only a moment later.

“My, my,” he tsked, lightly placing a gloved hand against your forehead. You shuddered at the sudden change in temperature drawing in a shaky breath as you did so, “This won’t do at all,” Sebastian muttered more to himself then to you.

He pulled his hand away, causing another shiver from your fever ridden body. “Mey-Rin,” he snapped over at the red-haired girl, who responded with a quick ‘Yes sir’, “Take the young master his breakfast, and do try not to spill it.” The butler smiled almost sadistically at the young woman, who seemed oblivious to anything but the fact that the man was smiling.

A second later, she was gone, off to wake Ciel with whatever pastry and tea he would be dining on that morning.

“As for you, Miss (L/n), I’m rather disappointed in you,” he sighed, “I had hoped to be able to rely on you this evening when Prince Soma came to visit, but it looks like I’ll have to trust the rest of them while I take care of you.”

“I can take care of myself,” you protested weakly as the man took a rag soaked in cold water and placed it on your forehead. You shivered again, pulling the blankets tighter over your shoulders.

The butler smirked. “Clearly,” he muttered, crimson gaze fixed on you.

You pouted. “It’s just a small fever, it’ll pass.”


Fever (SebastianxReader)by vengefulamber

Literature / Fan Fiction / General Fiction©2013-2014 vengefulamber
For :iconramenisnomnom:
One of multiple one-shots.
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that was really good :D (Big Grin) 
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Aha I'm sorry.

I've never been very good at Black Butler stories.

But I'm glad you enjoy it!
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