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Submitted on
March 28, 2013
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Request for Charleywren

You yawned again, stretching in your seat.

“Are you alright, Miss (F/n), you seem a bit tired today?”

Blinking your heavy eyelids open, you were met with the expressionless face of Kyoya as he briefly glanced up at you from his laptop.

Tired tears leaked from your (e/c) eyes and you smiled sleepily up at your host. “Yes, I’m quite alright. I was just up late last night.”

“May I ask why?”

You quirked an eyebrow, it was unusual for the distant man to act so interested in anything but something that directly benefitted him. “Of course,” you said cautiously, “But I won’t answer.” It was safer to find out why he wanted to know, first.

The dark haired boy looked away from his laptop’s screen again, this time holding your gaze for much longer than usual. When he did look away, it was with his nearly unnoticeable smirk. “That’s fair, I suppose.”

Feeling slightly triumphant, you grinned at the boy, but quickly looked away with a small blush when you noticed Kyoya’s dark grey eyes still peering at you from over his glasses. Slowly, you reached for you tea cup, raising it to you lips and taking a small sip.

It continued on like this for a while, you would catch him observing you and he would catch you watching him. Then, after a while, something happened that you suddenly felt the extent of how tired you were. In reality, nothing interesting had kept you awake the night before, you just didn’t feel like telling the host that you were up all night studying of a math test in the hopes that you might get a passing grade.

Nevertheless, when you were hit by the extremity of your fatigue, you felt your eyelids fall shut heavily and you were unable to open them again. Kyoya noticed the sound of you deep breathing before looking up to see you sleeping, chin resting in the palm of your hand up against the arm of the chair.

He hummed a bit with amusement, setting his laptop down on the coffee table between the two of you.

“Really, (F/n),” he chuckled to himself, laying you out across the couch in a more comfortable sleeping position, “If you needed help studying, you could’ve asked me.”

You rolled onto your side. “No,” you mumbled, “I wanted to-” you paused, a quiet sigh passing your lips, “-impress you.”

“Foolish girl,” Kyoya chuckled, sitting once more in his chair, “you already have.”

You woke up late in the evening, it was dark in Music Room #3 and there was no hosts in sight. Turning your head, you were startled to see Kyoya still typing on his laptop.

“I would’ve thought you’d have left by now,” you yawned, sitting up and stretching.

Kyoya looked up from the screen, his glasses precariously low on his thin nose. “And leave a guest here, alone? That would hardly be appropriate.”

“Whatever,” you grinned, standing up from the couch, “You could have just woken me up.”

The boy froze, his fingers still positioned on the keys, forming untyped words and statistics. His expression was blank and only a moment later he began typing once more, a cool expression on his face.

“I didn’t want to.”

This sparked your interest. “Oh? And why not?”

“Same reason for anything, really,” he smirked, looking up from his computer screen, “It benefits me.”

“How so-” But your words were cut off again, this time by a usually gentle hand quickly sliding his fingers in your hair, pulling you down to his height from where you had been standing over him and pressing his lips to yours.

When he finally broke the kiss, he released you and went back to typing as though nothing had happened.

“Oh,” you murmured, gingerly touching your lips with the tips of your fingers.

Kyoya still smirked against the bright contrasting screen on the laptop, rather enjoying how that had played into his hands.

He’d have to take advantage of that again sometime.

For :iconcharleywren:
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