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I was tagged to do the thing. Again. Thanks, KuranYuuki100 

So as y'all know I'm not gonna actually tag anyone, 'cause I really feel I'm just too lazy, but I will do what was asked of me!

So, first off is ten facts about me!

1. I just cut my hair recently
2. I've wanted to teach since kindergarten
3. I have a mental breakdown if I get anything lower than an A (that includes A-'s)
4. When I feel overwhelmed, I draw on whatever surface I can find with anything in arms' reach
5. I share a room with my twin sister
6. I may not be able to play water polo this winter
7. I am terrible company to keep
8. I'm really not the nicest person if I get angry, but I've only ever really gotten angry twice
9. My favorite Shakespearean plays are Hamlet and The Taming of the Shrew
10. If I'm not left alone for extended stretches of time throughout the day, my body is unable to handle the social interaction and I become lethargic and irritated.

And now for the questions.

1. If you had a chance on being in any anime world, which one would you choose and why? (Like would you choose to be in the AOT World? Just a suggestion/ not a question for you to answer)
Ah, jeez. I don't know. Maybe I'd just live in the Free! universe and swim like the awkward little water polo player I am. (My animal would be a duck, because water polo freestyle looks like a drowning bird just like how ducks "drown" themselves)
2. What's the saddest anime you have ever seen? 
Mmm... Another tough one. I think EF: Chain of Memories. Is that what it was called? I don't even remember if it was sad, I just remember almost crying.
3. You get to have a harem of 6 anime characters of your choice, who do you choose? (If you don't know what harem is.... look it up)
Souske and Rin (Free!), Natsuki/Satsuki (UtaPri), Makishima (YowaPedal), Nine and Twelve (Zankyou no Terror)
4. Do you prefer anime guys to have long or short hair?
It really depends on their personality and hairstyle.
5. Who is your favorite female and male anime character?
Favorites again. I really suck at this. Ok. So I really love Onoda from YowaPedal and Hanji from Attack on Titan.
6. If you could meet any anime character, who would it be and why?
Ugh! Probably Rei from Free!, because fly is my stroke of choice but I'm unable to swim it due to injury, so I kinda feel like he and I could relate to each other.
7. Now a question that everyone hates to answer; What's your favorite color? 
This one is easy! Blue!
8. Are you excited for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey? (oh my god this movie....)
Oh my goodness. My sister really wants to go see in on opening night just to make crude jokes about the whole thing.
9. My hair is messy right now so I'm going to ask you a very deep question; Have you read black butler and if so, are you excited for season 3? And how do you think black butler is right now if you read the manga?

I've actually been watching Book of Circus using Funimation's website, and it's really good! I'm glad to see them coming back to the manga! And this current arc (I think it's still the Werewolf forest one) is really enjoyable in the manga! I'm excited to see more!
10. Answer this truthfully; Did you think this was fun to do and how do think about me? XD

I think I get asked to do this more often than I'd care to admit but I do always end up doing them! And I think you're a little nerd who always requests from me despite my sub-par scheduling. 
  • Mood: Frustrated


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So this is all for fanart... Well, fan fiction. :3 But check out my main account for photography! The link is below~

Who will be your king? 

37 deviants said America (Hetalia)
8 deviants said Other (Please comment)
7 deviants said Jinguji Ren (Uta no Prince Sama)
6 deviants said Kageyama Tobia (Haikyuu!!)



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