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Red Line

Public transit was a dreaded part of your day. Every single day, you’d have to wake up early to catch the train and still make it to work on time. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the train was always full of business people jostling for position by the doors. Your stop was early enough on the line that you could usually get a seat, but today you had to relinquish your uncomfortable plastic seat so that a mother with her child could sit down and hold the screaming thing to her lap.

So, all in all, today was not starting off especially great. Not that you minded giving your seat up, it was just that you didn’t enjoy standing up. There were always so many people, and they all decided to jam together like sardines instead of wait for the next car. You really couldn’t blame them, they were on a schedule just like you, but when what looked like a small army filed in at the fifth stop of the day.

You groaned as sweaty bodies pressed against one another. “What is this fresh hell?” you thought miserably when one of the boys squished up against you, his bright orange hair tickling your nose. You attempted to back away a bit, only to find that another of the teens was behind you. He was taller, and his presence intimidated you for a moment until he smiled down at you, his dark eyes kind and apologetic. “Sorry,” he muttered bashfully.

Embarrassed yourself, you turned as much as you could to face him, only an inch or so separating your bodies. “No, no, I’m sorry, I backed into you.”

A hand came up to rub the back of his neck and he grinned at you through his blush. “I’m Asahi Azumane, -” but he was cut off as the man next to him butt in.

“Offical apologist of the Karasuno High School Volleyball team,” another tall boy (though he was significantly shorter than Asahi), told you with a grin and a pat on his teammate’s back.

Asahi blushed even darker, face twisting up in embarrassment as he turned to the shorter boy. He began to squawk at his companion with an opening shout of “Daichi!”, who apologized through a smirk that said he really wasn’t all that sorry. You suppressed a smile, hiding a giggle behind you hand. “You two are very close, aren’t you?”

The two stopped squabbling for moment and turned their heads back to you, looking like children caught with their hands in a cookie jar. You chucked again at the baffled looks on their faces. The tram pulled into it’s next stop, causing you to sway unexpectedly before you jolted to a stop and you stumbled backwards, grip having loosened from the bar over you while you were talking.

Two hands reached out to grab you, keeping you from bumping into the redhead from earlier. Your eyes were wide as you blinked up at the two teens who had just caught you. Their eyes were equally shocked, as if they didn’t expect themselves to do that. When the tram began moving again and pushed you forward you renewed your grip on the bar to prevent further embarrassment, but the kid at your back did not and you were knocked a bit forward regardless. And, in a crowded train car, a bit was more than enough to bump you into the two strangers.

“S-sorry!” you croaked, restraightening yourself as their hands fell away from you. “Oh God!” your thoughts screamed at you, “This is so awkward!” You had to stand on this train for five more stops before the business office you worked in as a secretary would even be within walking distance. Clearing your throat, you tried to make conversation. “Where are you guys headed?” “Please be a close stop, please be a close stop!”

The shorter man, Daichi was the name Asahi called him, was the first to regain his composure. He smiled kind-heartedly at you as he answered and it was as if the last couple of anxious moments had never happened. “The next stop, actually, we have a practice match at the high school.”

“Good luck!” you wished him with a grin and Asahi finally came back to his senses.

“Where are you off to?”

You shrugged the question off, but gave him an answer nonetheless. “Work.”

Asahi’s thick brow furrowed and he looked down at you, expression a mixture of concern and puzzlement. “I’m sorry, but,” he started, making you nervous, “you don’t look old enough to be working.” In the silence that followed he came to the conclusion that his statement was absolutely rude and began apologizing profusely before you held a hand up to stop him.

Though you smiled, your eyebrows had turned up in regret. “No, it’s fine. I mean, you’re not wrong,” you said with a shake of your head, “I had to get a job right after junior high to help out at home.” You grew flustered when you saw the sympathy on their expressions. “B-but it’s fine!” you stuttered, frantic, “I don’t know what I would have done with a higher education anyways!” You laughed, quietly, awkwardly, and the train pulled into the next stop.

You licked your lips and shifted a bit away from the teens. “W-well,” you managed to say, “good luck at your match.” They shuffled away from you just then, gathering up the rest of the team like dogs to a flock of sheep. Just as the door was closing, you saw Asahi and Daichi turn back to face you.

Their hands raised in farewell and you returned the gesture with a smile, hoping that maybe they would have another match three stops from your home.

Red Line (AsahixReaderxDaichi)
My first experience with public transit (other than a train in the sense where you buy a ticket everyone has a pretty spacious seat) was a few weeks ago at Comic Con when I took the trolley. Super crowded, super jerky. But pretty fun.
My hair is pale from chlorine
and I never have enough time to shave
(it's better long for the plays, anyways).
I can grab at what used to be a buzz but is now shaggy.

My face is covered in freckles
and I know I wasn't born with them
but I never wear sunscreen and I probably
never will.
Acne adorns my face but will eventually dry out
(don't you just love cholorine?)
except for where my glasses sit.
My eyebrows don't even exist behind the chunky frames
and my too long bangs.
My nose is too big
and there's a heart shaped freckle
right on the bridge.
My mouth is small
and my lips are plump.
I'm told my eyes are too narrow.
Sometimes masculine, sometimes feminine.

My neck is average
not long compared to my face
not thick compared to my jaw.
I wonder if I don't have an Adam's apple
because I don't swallow pills dry

My shoulders are bright red from ice
after practice and physical therapy and
after life
and I contemplate why they still look so small
after so many shots and passes and laps of butterfly.
They're scarred from the games and from
bad habits.

My arms are beginning to lose their muscle
and I hope I can swim again
but right now I can't.
Scarred just like the rest of me.

My wrists are too thin
and hurt when I catch the ball wrong
gripping with my long fingers and
not with my palm.
I should have played piano
I guess.

My breasts and beliefs stretch against
the political statement of my t-shirts
bought with my sister's money in the Target while
mom wasn't looking.

My stomach is flat from the front
but I always see it's curve right beneath
my navel.

My hips don't fit in the jeans I bought
last summer
when my sister took me shopping in
the men's section at Penney's.
Stretch marks streak across
purple and raised.

My thighs are strong from
treading water for hours and hours
waiting to get a chance in the game.
More scars.

My knees are scarred, too
but because Maria Pieroni
tripped me in seventh grade
and I walked across the school

My calves are toned
and I wish I could show them off
but I am born a girl
and girls shave
and I do not
so fine hairs that are beginning to turn dark
cover my shins.

My feet are too big.
Always have been.
At least
for a girl they are.

My brain cannot be seen
but it shapes my identity.
And my brain is not
It is not
My brain
is my brain
and my brain is
5'10'' and 138
So, I saw Taylor's ( 5'6 in heels5'8.
36, 25, 38, it'd be nice.
long, healthy blonde hair,
blue eyes,
typical caucasian female.
miles of legs,
straight toes,
collarbones of a model, yeah.
how pretty, yeah.
how pretty.
i went in for a checkup, momma made me
get my blood panel done.
it's always the same.  blood pressure,
check my ears, hold me down for the
life that runs inside me because needles are
nasty.  she made me step up to the
wall.  my mother snorted.
she made me step onto the scale.
my mother 'tsked.'
i'm half asian and the other half white and i couldn't
give a damn about what i would have
to give up to be either or.
46, 32, 48, give me a break.
the man in the diner calls me sweetie and
asks how i got so pretty.
6:00 a.m.
i can't afford to put my alarm clock on snooze.
i roll out of bed,
pull two-sizes-too-big jeans on and button them.
i tuck my uniform shirt in.  i go to the bathroom.
the lights don't come on until
i have brushed my hair at least twice; once to get the
knots out a
) and then I saw chromeantennae's ( 5'7'', 176 LBS (170 CM, 80 KG)5'7'', 176 LBS (170 CM, 80 KG)
it’s six-seventeen in the morning
and the water is just getting hot again
(my mother wakes up at ungodly hours)
and as i wait to turn on the shower,
i catch my own reflection
looking back at me.
and i take this time to look in,
instead of merely glancing.
light azure cotton assures me i’m in shape
before i remove it over my hair
looking like a bird’s nest
combined with everest.
i drop the shirt to the tile
and run my hands over my torso
north, flowing like the nile river.
my brown skin doesn’t move against the traction
and i suppose that means it’s tight to the muscle
or the bone, or whatever it is
(i was never good with science or
biology or really physical education.).
but my eyes run over my hair,
my own eyebrows, expressive
as they rise and fall. move and contort,
they're the main reason
that i've never been able to hide
how i feel. 
or appear sad when i'm merely thinking.
ears not all that wide
I hope y'all don't mind me putting up something personal in here. May move it to my scraps later.
(Happy early Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian readers)
My premium membership ends soon, so updates will become extremely irregular again. I'm really sorry, guys! I'm gonna try and keep up with updates, and I have stories scheduled for the next month or so, but still. Water polo will be starting up just as I run out of scheduled posts and I'm not sure when I'll next get a chance to write. 

I'm so sorry!

On a similar note, if y'all want to make any commissions, those are open now.
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My Lady

It wasn’t unusual to see Jinguji Ren flirting with whatever girl he saw in the halls of your high school, so you weren’t especially surprised when he showed up at your best friend’s desk right next to your own. She was very nice and very pretty, and you were sure his courting of her would happen eventually. When it did, you also took a small bit of pride in knowing that your best friend wouldn’t fall for his stupid little tricks.

He was very suave about it all, pulling the chair from the desk in front of her’s so he could sit and talk at her level, his long arms crossed on her desk as he leaned in closer to her. “You do very well in this class, you know,” he purred, blue eyes half-lidded, “How would you like to help me study for the next test?” The way he said it all was very low, very suggestive, and even you felt your cheeks warm up at the invitation.

She only glanced up at him for the briefest of moments before turning her gaze back to the homework problem you had a question on and had asked for her help with. “No,” she declined simply, her expression remaining stoic.

“Then how about we skip studying and just have dinner?”

She didn’t even look up this time. “I have other plans.”

Ren wasn’t fazed in the slightest. “Perhaps you can move those plans?”

Her lips pursed together and you watched in awe as she declined the man over and over. “Impossible.”

The blond was obviously beginning to tire of her, but he wouldn’t yet admit defeat. His smile became strained and his hands moved with his words in an attempt to bolster his persuasion. “Maybe I could join?”

Now she looked up at him, her glare locking with his own blue gaze. Ren perked up, knowing that now he had her attention, and shut his mouth for once. “Never in a million years.”

He didn’t deflate in the slightest, only chuckled to himself. “Methinks the lady doth protest too much,” he mentioned, hooded gaze still cast on your friend.

Wincing, you chewed at you lip nervously, waiting for her to look away from him so you could tell her something important. After a long moment, she finally broke away, glaring holes into your homework sheet. Hoping your words would lighten her mood, you leaned in close to her and murmured in her ear.

You sat upright in your seat with a prideful smile when she began snickering. This didn’t go unnoticed by the casanova in front of her, who glanced between the two of you with an expression you couldn’t place. “Was it something I said?” he asked with a goodnatured chuckle.

“Yeah,” you friend answered, her eyes narrowed in amusement, “She says you quoted Hamlet wrong.”

The smile began slipping from your lips when the blond turned his gaze to you, interest perking up his features. “Oh?” he asked with a minut raise of his eyebrows, “Would you care to enlighten me on the actual quote then, fair maiden?”

A flush brightened your cheeks and you swallowed heavily, eyes looking anywhere but the blond in front of you. You licked your lips, eyes finally settling on the pencil you had placed on your desk. “It’s really not that big of a deal,” you mumbled, but the way Ren continued to lean forward told you that he still wanted to know. “The quote goes “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”,” you corrected, embarrassed by his intense stare, “It’s really a common mistake, no big de-”

“Next time, I’ll be sure to woo you using proper Shakespeare, then,” he told you with a smile and those intimidating eyes that had to be half-shut so as not to risk the lives of any girl who happened to glance into them. Ren stood from the seat he had commandeered just as the bell rang, leaving you to wonder if he had meant those words for you or your friend.

“You used the wrong formula here,” she told you, handing the paper back to you before the teacher came in.

Something told you she wasn’t the one catching his eye anymore.

My Lady (RenxReader)
Ahaha. A month or so after scheduling this I realized I never put a description here. 
I can't remember what I wanted to put. I know there was something.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Making History

=> Be the girl who’s about to do something crazy

“Fef, should we really be doing this?” you asked nervously as the dark haired beauty in front of you began stripping off her many layers of skirts and her jewelry.

She grinned mischieviously at you, her sharp teeth flashing. “Of course we should. Erifin isn’t home, so his pool is open to the public.”

You swallowed heavily. “Is this what you always do?”

Another grin, somehow more dangerous. “Of course.”

You hugged yourself, already having been persuaded to strip before Feferi so that she “knew you wouldn’t sneak off”. Your clothes were in a pile at her feet and her clothes quickly joined the mess of fabric. She grinned up at you every once and a while, as if to make sure you were still there. You felt your skin heat up as a blush powdered across your cheeks and shoulders. Like you would go anywhere like this.

Finally, Fef shook off her last couple of anklets and stood to her full height. Practically bouncing up and down with excitement, she shot towards you, clutching at your hand and pulling you out the door that led to the pool. You sputtered in shock as the highblood dragged you closer and closer to the edge of the pool. “Wa-wait, Fef-!” you squeaked out, just beginning to resist her pull. She didn’t seem to notice, as she didn’t slow down in the least.

“Fe-feferi!” you urged desperately, the nervousness of sneaking into the other seadweller’s home completely worn off and beginning to be replaced by frantic fear. “Fef! Wait! I don’t-”

But it was too late. She had reached the pool and leapt, bringing you down with her. Throat feeling as if it were closing up, your feet managed to find the bottom of the pool and you pushed yourself up, sputtering in breaths as soon as your face broke the surface of the water. Feferi was giggling from somewhere else in the water as you paddled shakily to the edge of the pool and you couldn’t help but chuckle as well.

You had almost forgotten why you were so panicked before getting in the water under the fuchsia-blooded troll floated lazily over to you, her bright eyes half lidded as she got closer. You felt yourself pressing closer to the wall, but eventually you ran out of space to sink away to and she reached you. She kept enough distance for water to flow freely between your bodies, but you could still feel the little ripples of water that bounced away from her pink-grey skin.

“Were you trying to say something?” she asked innocently, having found some sort of pool floaty and resting her chin on it.

Lips parting in a small ‘o’-shape, you glanced around. “I was trying to tell you something. I could have sworn-” you trailed off, eyes lingering as they searched the area around the two of you.

She leaned a bit closer, her face nearly touching yours as she tried to catch your eye and, by extension, your attention. “(F/n)?”

You snapped out of your little daze and grinned sheepishly at her, shoulders shrugging up. “I thought I saw someone, but I guess I was wrong.”

A gentle flick tapped against your forehead and you made a face at the giggling Feferi in front of you. “Silly fish,” she chided, floating on her back and leaving the floatie with you, “No one’s home, remember?”

You shrugged again, eyes falling to the gate between the front and back yards again. “I guess not,” you murmured, crossing your arms over the pool toy and closing your eyes. It was quiet other than the lapping of small waves against your body, and you nearly felt yourself falling asleep in the water.

Meanwhile, a certain violet-blooded seadweller was covering his gaping lips, regretting and praising his decision to come home a day earlier than expected.

Making History (HomestuckxReader)

Not a lemon this time but skinny dipping is still nudity so yeah.

All characters depicted in this story are of or above the age of consent.


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My premium membership ends soon, so updates will become extremely irregular again. I'm really sorry, guys! I'm gonna try and keep up with updates, and I have stories scheduled for the next month or so, but still. Water polo will be starting up just as I run out of scheduled posts and I'm not sure when I'll next get a chance to write. 

I'm so sorry!

On a similar note, if y'all want to make any commissions, those are open now.
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